Tarpaulins and bar covers for wooden swimming pools

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Are you about to install a beautiful wooden swimming pool in your garden? Are you wondering about the protective elements to buy? Don’t hesitate to discover our collection of tarpaulins and bar covers! How do I choose the right cover for my wooden swimming pool? You must pay attention to several elements when you choose the cover for your wooden swimming pool: - The quality of the covering used - The dimensions adapted to your pool. We therefore advise you to choose a high quality cover manufactured by a brand recognized in the industry. And of course, choose a cover whose dimensions are perfectly suited to those of your pool!

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Our selection of tarpaulins and bar covers for Cerland, Lagon, Sunbay and Ubbink-Nortland wooden swimming pools. At Distripool we sell a wide collection of tarpaulins and bar covers for wooden swimming pools. What do these different products have in common? They are all very good quality! If you want to improve the safety and comfort of your pool, now is the time to trust Distripool and its collection of bar covers!