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The heat pump allows you to heat the water in your swimming pool and thus extend the swimming season at a lower cost. Thanks to its ecological and economical operation, it appears to be the best heating solution. To protect it, as well as to provide better aesthetics, the heat pump cover appears to be the ideal solution for dressing your device. We offer you various models here, so that you can find the one adapted to the dimensions of your device and in the most harmonious color depending on its environment.

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Why house your heating device under a heat pump cover?

The heat pump is popular for the comfort it brings you by heating the water in your swimming pool at a lower cost. However, this device suffers from some flaws. However, thanks to an inexpensive heat pump cover, you can solve all the problems in one go!

Protecting your heat pump against bad weather

The heat pump is designed to be installed outdoors. However, bad weather makes life difficult for it and can accelerate its wear and tear. The outdoor heat pump cover protects your device from all climatic hazards: UV rays, rain, snow, wind and hail.

The heat pump cover is useful in all seasons. The box is designed to allow air circulation, but the openings in its structure are oriented to divert air currents, as well as the water that falls in all seasons. As for hail, which appears particularly harmful, it hits the heat pump cover which absorbs shocks and avoids deforming the body of the device. You also avoid the impacts of hailstones which weaken the protective paint. If necessary, they contribute to the appearance of rust spots which will then quickly spread and affect the longevity of your device, as well as its appearance.

You must also take into account the dust circulating in the atmosphere. If they enter the heat pump fan, they clog its circuits and reduce its efficiency.

Thanks to the installation of an exterior air conditioning cover, during the swimming period, the operation of your heat pump is not affected by rainy episodes. Outside of the swimming season, the heat pump cover insulates your device which is stopped, thus ensuring that it restarts in the best conditions, as soon as the sunny days return.

Preservation of shocks, thanks to the external heat pump cover

Any shock endangers your device. The exterior heat pump cover protects it from falling branches, as well as all plant debris carried by the wind.

The heat pump cover as a noise reduction box

The progress made by manufacturers in terms of noise pollution is considerable. However, it is still normal for the heat pump to emit noise, even if slight. If your pool is close to a wall or under a veranda open to the outside, the hum of the device will also resonate against the walls and be amplified.

The heat pump cover then acts as a noise-cancelling box. Indeed, if it prevents bad weather from entering, it also prevents noise from leaving. Be careful of poorly designed structures, as they can amplify the noise of the heat pump.

Aesthetic and practical reasons for the heat pump cover

Even if manufacturers work on the most aesthetic designs possible, the heat pump remains an unattractive device. An exterior air conditioning cover allows you to dress it up so that it blends in better with your environment. It's up to you to select the most appropriate material and color that suits your taste.

Your exterior heat pump cover also becomes a practical asset to beautify the surroundings of your pool. For example, you can use it as a support for potted plants or for any other decorative accessory.

The advantages of the Distripool outdoor heat pump cover

We have selected several models, so that you can find the outdoor heat pump cover best suited to the configuration of your swimming pool. Whatever your choice, rest assured that they have all the following advantages.

The free circulation of air

Ventilation is essential for the proper functioning of your heat pump. Nothing should obstruct the fan. Permanent ventilation is also fundamental for regulating the temperature of the device. All of our exterior air conditioning cover models are designed to allow air to circulate all around the unit, as well as to be evacuated. They guarantee the optimal operation of your heat pump.

Protection against wind-blown debris

The structures of our exterior air conditioning covers have been tested to ideally protect your device from any intrusion of debris carried by the wind.

Materials adapted to outdoor conditions

All our heat pump covers are naturally suitable for outdoor conditions. They are designed to provide you with a durable solution, both summer and winter. They resist UV rays from the sun, rain, wind, snow, hail, as well as salt spray if you live by the sea.

The choice of materials and colors

We offer three ranges of heat pump covers, so that you can find the one that fits most harmoniously into the environment of your pool. All our models are pre-assembled to be installed easily and quickly.

1.The white or gray composite cover: mixture of recycled wood chips and plastic. It offers you the advantages of wood, without the maintenance constraints.

2.The teak composite cover: it is also a mixture of recycled wood chips and plastic, but offers you a natural teak color.

3.The wooden cover: entirely made of wood, it is treated to resist bad weather. You can leave it raw or paint it in the color of your choice to match your exterior decoration.

The choice of dimensions

Depending on the volume of your pool, you need a more or less powerful heat pump, therefore more or less bulky. Our heat pump covers are available in several dimensions (height, width and depth), so you can find the one that will completely cover your device.

Extension kits

If, despite everything, you cannot find the heat pump cover with the corresponding dimensions, you have composite extension kits available. They allow you to increase the height and depth of your exterior air conditioning cover.

These kits are compatible with all box sizes and available in the same colors, in order to remain discreet.

Ultra-fast installation and immediate access for maintenance of your heat pump

Our exterior air conditioning cover models are easy and quick to install. You can dismantle them just as quickly to carry out maintenance on your heat pump. They are also very light, which allows you to handle them without problem. Take care to measure your heating device before selecting your heat pump cover. You need to check all three dimensions height, width and depth to be sure that the model of your choice is suitable for your device.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have the slightest doubt.