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At Distripool, French leader in swimming pool equipment, we are committed to offering you sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to enjoy your aquatic space. Discover our range of innovative and ecological products, designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing your swimming pleasure.

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Why choose an ecological swimming pool?

Thekit swimming poolsecological are not just a trend, they represent a real philosophy of life, favoring respect for the environment and sustainability. By choosing an ecological swimming pool, you are opting for a solution that minimizes the use of chemicals, reduces energy and water consumption, and promotes the use of durable and recyclable materials. It’s a responsible choice that benefits your health, your wallet and the planet.

1. Reduced environmental impact:
Ecological swimming pools are designed to limit their impact on the environment. This includes reducing CO2 emissions, reducing water and energy consumption, and using environmentally friendly materials.


2. Health and well-being:
Pool water that is more natural and less loaded with chemicals is gentler on the skin and eyes. This creates a healthier swimming environment for you and your family.

3. Long-term savings:
Although the initial investment may be higher, eco-friendly pools are designed to be more economical in the long term through a significant reduction in maintenance, water and energy.


Our products and accessories for a more ecological swimming pool

Flexible tank for swimming pool:

A flexible tank is an innovative solution for collecting and storing rainwater, which can then be used to fill or top off the water level in your pool. This not only reduces your water consumption but also contributes to the sustainable management of water resources.

banniere piscine ecologique CITERNE

Cartridge filter:

The cartridge filter is an ecological alternative to water filters. traditional sand. It offers superior filtration, capturing finer particles, making your pool water cleaner and clearer. Cartridge filters require less water for cleaning, reducing water consumption and associated costs. They are also easier to maintain, with replaceable cartridges that can be cleaned and reused several times before being recycled.

banniere piscine ecologique FILTRE

820 W solar panel kit for swimming pool pump:

L Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source. By equipping your pool with a solar panel kit, you can power your pump system and other pool equipment, reducing your dependence on fossil fuels and your energy bill.

banniere piscine ecologique panneau solaire

Eco-friendly silent filtration unit BIO FILTER:

Distripool also offers another type of filtration as an option, the BIO FILTER: This revolutionary filtration system combines performance and ecology. It is designed to be extremely quiet, saving energy while ensuring crystal clear pool water. Its ecological design also means less waste and better long-term efficiency.

Polystyrene block swimming pool structure:

The polystyrene block swimming pool structure is a revolutionary innovation in construction ecological swimming pools. These lightweight, yet extremely robust blocks provide excellent thermal insulation, reducing your pool heating requirements. They are also easy to assemble, reducing construction time and costs. Polystyrene is a durable and recyclable material, making it an environmentally friendly choice for your pool structure.

banniere piscine ecologique BLOC

Variable speed pump:

Speed ​​pumps variable are at the forefront of swimming pool filtration technology, offering unrivaled energy efficiency. Unlike traditional pumps, they adjust their speed according to the actual needs of the pool, significantly reducing energy consumption. This results in significant savings on electricity bills and a reduction in the carbon footprint of your swimming pool.

banniere piscine ecologique Pompe variable

LED swimming pool lamp:

LED lighting is a solution energy efficient to illuminate your swimming pool. LED lamps consume much less energy than traditional lamps and have a much longer lifespan, reducing waste and replacement costs. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to create a tailor-made ambiance while being conscious of the environment.

banniere piscine ecologique lampe LED

Eco-responsible liner:

The liner eco-friendly is made from recycled or sustainable materials, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional pool liners. These liners are designed to be durable and resistant to UV, chemicals and abrasion, extending their life and reducing the need for frequent replacements. By choosing an eco-responsible liner, you help reduce waste and promote the use of recycled materials in the swimming pool industry.

Each of these products represents a step towards a more sustainable and ecological swimming pool. By integrating these technologies and materials into your pool design, you can reduce your environmental impact while enjoying superior swimming. At Distripool, we are proud to offer you these innovative solutions to help you realize your dream of an ecological swimming pool.

banniere piscine ecologique LINER

Non-chemical and ecological treatment: Salt treatment:

There are several ways to treat your swimming pool water, the best known is salt treatment or swimming pool electrolyser. It offers several advantages such as: ease of maintenance, respect for the environment and better protected health.


Commit to the environment with our ecological kits:

By choosing ecological equipment and accessories for your swimming pool, you are doing more than investing in quality and durability. You take an active stance in protecting our planet, by reducing water consumption, energy and chemicals. Join us in this eco-responsible approach and enjoy healthy and pleasant swimming, in harmony with nature.

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Facilitate the transition to a more ecological and economical swimming pool.

With the good accessories and the expertise of Distripool, transforming your swimming pool into an ecological and economical haven is within reach. We understand that the transition to more sustainable solutions can seem complex, which is why we are committed to supporting you every step of the way. By choosing products such as the polystyrene block structure, the variable speed pump, the cartridge filter, the LED lamp and the eco-responsible liner, you are laying the foundations for an environmentally friendly swimming pool.

These accessories, combined with the expert advice of our team at Distripool, simplify the transformation of your swimming pool. We guide you in choosing equipment adapted to your specific needs and your budget, while maximizing ecological and economic benefits. Our goal is to make eco-responsibility accessible and practical for all pool owners.

By adopting these solutions, you will not only reduce your ecological footprint but also benefit from substantial savings on maintenance costs and energy in the long term. A greener pool means less wasted water and energy, fewer chemicals, and better water quality for healthier, more enjoyable swimming.

At Distripool, we are determined to make the ecological swimming pool a reality for everyone. With our cutting-edge products and expert advice, transforming your traditional swimming pool into a sustainable and economical space has never been easier. Together, we can create a swimming environment that protects our planet while providing a space for relaxation and enjoyment for you and your family.

Ecological swimming pool: continuous innovation

At Distripool , we are constantly looking for new technologies and solutions to make swimming pools even more ecological. We are committed to bringing you the latest innovations for sustainable swimming.

Partnerships and certifications

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We work closely with manufacturers and certification bodies to ensure that all our products meet the strictest standards in terms of durability and quality.

At Distripool, we are proud to support you in carrying out your ecological swimming pool project. With our expertise and our range of selected products, you have all the keys in hand to create an environmentally friendly bathing space. Contact us for more information or for personalized advice on how to make your pool greener.