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To fully enjoy your above ground pool, it may be necessary to purchase equipment additional or replace some. Ladder, groundsheet, tarpaulin, standard liner, filtration group In this section, find all our accessories for above ground pools.

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The floor mat

With a ground sheet, your swimming pool (inflatable, freestanding, tubular, etc.) is not placed directly on the grass in your garden. This accessory serves to protect the liner for even longer and keep it clean. Of Furthermore, if the groundsheet is thick, it makes the bottom of the pool more comfortable.

The bubble cover

The bubble cover keeps the water in your pool at the right temperature and limits its evaporation. The bubbles serve as thermal insulation and maintain the temperature of the pool during the night. It is not Everything, this accessory also keeps the water clean. When your pool is covered, dirt will not cannot be deposited in it. Note: there are solar bubble covers. They can heat the water during the day. With this type of tarpaulin, the heat is captured by the bubbles then transmitted to the pool water.

The winter cover

The winter cover protects your pool from leaves and dirt during the winter. She also avoids the proliferation of algae. This type of accessory is intended for above-ground swimming pools which remain outside all year round, like wooden or steel pools.

The swimming pool ladder

The above ground pool ladder is double. One part rests on the ground outside the pool and the other rests inside, on the bottom. It allows you to climb over the pool wall and get in and out more easily. Several models are available, you can choose them according to your desires and the height of the pool. This scale type is not fixed. This allows it to be moved or removed easily. In the latter case, she allows you to prohibit access to the swimming pool. An advantage for the safety of young people.

The liner

The liner ensures the waterproofing of your swimming pool. After a few years, it may be necessary to replace. This is why we offer you liners with a thickness of 30 to 40/100th for your above ground swimming pool (steel or wood).

The filtration group

Another above-ground pool accessory that may need to be changed: the filtration group. This is a filtration system consisting of a pump and a filter, often sand or cartridge. Here, the pool pump and the filter are inseparable. The filtration group is suitable for freestanding, tubular
or kit pools. You simply have to choose it according to the volume of water to be treated, in other words according to the size of your pool.

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