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The UV swimming pool treatment is capable of purifying swimming pool water by destroying viruses, bacteria, harmful pathogens in water. This system makes it possible to avoid shock treatments in the swimming pool. Consequently, the consumption of chemical products drops by 25 to 50%. This type of treatment helps prevent the reproduction of bacteria. It makes the water clearer. In fact, water passes next to UV rays. This process changes the DNA of bacteria and therefore makes them sterile. UV treatment affects the most resistant bacteria. In fact, this technique prevents the proliferation of the latter. Water is exposed to UV rays for a prolonged period of time. However, chloramines (dead cells) are still present in the water. Therefore, to guarantee the safety and hygiene of the swimming pool, it is preferable to use a residual dosing system such as chlorine, bromine, active oxygen or salt.

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The advantages of a UV swimming pool treatment

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- Cost effective: does not consume more electricity than a conventional light bulb
- Produced on: only clean treated water comes out of the reaction chamber
- Neutralizes algae,
- Low care and maintenance|| |1197
- Conçu pour durer : résistant à la corrosion
- Lamp life indicator (9000h - 2 years)
- Easy installation,
- No impact on pH
- Reduction in chemical consumption by 25 to 50%
- Less water pollution: -75%|| |1209
- Agit sur les bactéries les plus résistantes
- No overdose possible
- Easy to use: device ready to assemble (UV lamps supplied)

Treatment aid with active oxygen

Active oxygen is a very powerful oxidant which has a half-life of approximately 30 minutes. Every 30 minutes, half of the product in your pool volatilizes, which allows you to swim in water that is very light in chemical content. Given its volatility, some precautions should be followed to give the product maximum effectiveness:

When starting your pool

- We recommend the use of unstabilized chlorine to carry out your start-up shock (at night, device switched off) in order to compensate for the phenomenon of micro-organisms becoming accustomed to the treatment product.

- If other shocks are necessary during the season for exceptional reasons (high heat, rain, pollution, etc.) also favor unstabilized chlorine (at night, appliance switched off).

- You can just as easily use active oxygen in shock format for this do (at night, device switched off).

Note: as chlorine is not stabilized, it will disappear very quickly once the device is restarted because UV rays are very effective in degrading chlorine. This is why we recommend shocks at night with the device turned off (No UV sun or UV lamps to let the product act longer). The same goes for active oxygen.

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Prevention of the appearance of algae and cloudy water:

Water temperature:

More water is hot, the more volatile the product. From 28⁰C, this volatility increases significantly. Your device is equipped with a temperature probe to compensate for this phenomenon and will adjust the doses (up or down) accordingly. You can also take some precautions to help your treatment, particularly in the hottest months or in exceptional circumstances (heavy pollution, heavy traffic, etc.)::

We can add anti-algae to support active oxygen. The anti-algae is added once a week (the equivalent of a glass) and will support the treatment in the warmer months (generally July to August). We can also consider adding a stabilized chlorine tablet (1/3 of the normal dose) as a supplement. Caution: special attention should be paid to swimming pools under shelter which tend to heat up very
rapidly, particularly in the event of prolonged absence of the owner and/or lack of ventilation.

Le PH de l'eau :

An unbalanced PH will neutralize the effect of active oxygen please always stay within the limits of 7.0 to 7.4 PH so that the product can work properly|| |1256

Les UV :

UV has a degrading effect on active oxygen, which is why your device systematically cuts off when the peristaltic pump injects active oxygen into your pool. You will also need to pay attention to your injection times - preferably very early in the morning or from early evening, when solar activity is low, also to give the product every chance of having a good effect.

How to install a swimming pool UV treatment?

Technical diagram:

schema installation traitement UV

Click on the technical diagram to access the complete instructions for a UV treatment: Source ELECRO model: PRO POOL