Feuille de pierre naturelle

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Distripool offers you a range of stone sheets of great diversity to dress your swimming pool, as well as its surroundings. This high-quality material adapts very simply to cover the bottom and walls of your pool, but also the copings, beaches, terraces and any other element, both inside and outside. Take the time to discover the different models of stone leaf, because the structures and colors are very varied

What is the stone sheet for covering the swimming pool and its environment?

The stone sheet consists of a slice of natural stone (slate, marble, granite, mica, etc.) approximately 2 millimeters thick, glued using resin to a sheet of fiber. This composition makes it possible to preserve the aesthetic qualities of natural stone and at the same time obtain a certain flexibility. Thus, the stone sheet is easily cut and handled, and adapts to all supports, raw or already fitted: concrete, tiles, polyester coating, paint, etc.

The exceptional aesthetics of the stone sheet

The stone sheet achieves the feat of providing the exceptional aesthetics of natural stone, without suffering from its disadvantages, whether weight, price or difficulties for handling and cutting.

A swimming pool and its environment designed using sheet stone offers you a high standard covering, but within the reach of a reasonable budget.

We invite you to consult our wide range to find the sheet of stone that will perfectly suit your swimming pool. You have the choice between various colors, as well as various textures.

In addition to the aesthetics of the natural stone sheet, you benefit from additional embellishment when you use it for the pool itself, because the water magnifies the appearance of the stone. It enriches the colors, brings shine, while its movements enhance the reflections of the natural stone. µ

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The advantages of the stone leaf

The waterproofing of the stone sheet is exemplary in every way and its decorative quality is impeccable. Its lightness and maneuverability make your work easier and reduce its duration. The stone sheets are cut with a circular saw or jigsaw.

The model resistance of the stone sheet

The resistance of the stone sheet is similar to that of solid stone or tiles. This quality protects it from wear. Your coating is designed to last a very long time.

On the other hand, the stone sheet remains insensitive to UV. You can place it in a location exposed to full sunlight, its surface will not denature and its colors will remain intact.

Finally, the waterproofness of the stone sheet allows it to resist all weather conditions, allowing you to use it indoors or outdoors, whatever the region. where you reside.

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Adaptation to curved shapes

The stone sheet is applied to the bottom and walls of the swimming pool, but also to all other elements of the decor. Thanks to its finesse and flexibility, it adapts to all supports, but also to all curved shapes. Thus, you can use the stone sheet for pools with rounded shapes, as well as for various arrangements: stair steps, copings, terraces, low walls, etc.

Installation on new or on an existing covering

The adaptability of the stone sheet constitutes another major advantage. You can use it for your new swimming pool or for a new layout of its environment, but it also adapts to any other support already equipped. For example, you do not need to remove your tiles. On the contrary, you use it as a stable and flat support to place your sheet of stone. Adapting the stone sheet for swimming pools with a movable floor The construction of swimming pools with movable floors is booming. Their bottom, as its name suggests, is removable: it moves vertically to modify the capacity and especially the depth of the pool. Thus, you can transform it according to the use you wish into a traditional swimming pool, more or less deep, into a paddling pool and even into a terrace on which you can install your garden furniture.

The stone sheet is compatible with swimming pools with a movable floor. Installation is all the simpler as a removable bottom absolutely requires it to be flat. You therefore place your sheet of stone on the bottom and on the wall, as you would for a classic swimming pool.

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Easy installation

Installing the stone sheet is quick and simple. You don't need to master any specific technique. You just need to be methodical and meticulous to obtain a perfect harmonious surface.

You benefit from the advantages of the stone leaf as soon as it is purchased. It is less expensive, but also much lighter. Whether for its transport, its storage, then its handling, you will appreciate this lightness which allows you to work faster, to tire less and to spare your back which can quickly suffer when it comes to handling slabs. natural stone.

For installation, you must first prepare your layout to establish the cutting plan for the stone sheets. Once the new support or the old covering has been cleaned, you apply a primer coat. You then glue your leaves using a comb spatula and epoxy glue. You still have to carry out the masking to complete the work. The epoxy glue guarantees the good performance of the coating, as well as its impeccable and durable waterproofing.

The summary maintenance of the stone leaf

The stone sheet does not require any special maintenance. It has the advantage of not being afraid of bad weather. To clean your covering, we advise you to use basic products such as black soap. Its cost is low for remarkable efficiency. It overcomes all natural dirt, mainly coming from plant debris, as well as substances that you may spill on your stone sheet terrace or beach.

Black soap helps you carry out a major spring cleaning when the pool has not been used for a long time. It will then be used occasionally during the season.

The range of stone sheets from Distripool

Distripool provides you with a wide range of stone sheets. Each sheet is unique, because its composition comes from natural stone which is never uniform in its raw state. The samples you see on the screen are indicative, they give you an idea of ​​the tones, veins and textures.


The colors of the stone

The range of colors extends from snowy white to deep black, including all shades of brown, red, pink, orange, green, ocher, etc.

The textures of the stone leaf

The textures of the stone are also very varied. When you choose your stone sheet reference, ask yourself about the use you will have for it. If it is the coating of the pool itself, the texture does not matter; on the other hand, for its environment and in particular for the swimming pool deck, the stone should be at least rough so as not to become slippery when it is splashed by water or when you walk on it with wet feet.

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