Prefabricated pond or tarpaulin pond?

The size of the garden pond and the choice between a prefabricated garden pond and a tarpaulin garden pond obviously depends on your personal taste and above all the size of your garden. The more plants and fish you want to put there, the larger the garden pond should be. Most aquatic plants require a pond depth of 10 - 40 cm, which is why Ubbink has equipped the majority of its prefabricated ponds with wetlands, biotope borders and different planting levels. Ubbink offers a wide choice of prefabricated garden ponds. When the garden pond must be larger than prefabricated ponds or it must have a particular shape or depth, then it is preferable to choose a covered garden pond. Ubbink garden pond covers are available in different materials, dimensions and thicknesses. On request, Ubbink also manufactures special dimensions.

The best location

The condition for obtaining rich vegetation around and in the garden pond is at least 4- 6 hours per day during the spring and summer months. The ideal is that the location of the garden pond is partially or totally in the shade during the hot midday hours in summer.

Plants and fish

A balanced planting is essential for biological balance. Aquatic plants provide the oxygen supply necessary for life in the garden pond, but sunlight also plays an important role. The sun's rays must be able to reach the bottom of the garden pond, it is therefore advisable not to cover more than 30% of the surface of the pond with plants. The “shiny pondweed”, the “water buttercup” and the “dense elodea” are good oxygen producers for garden ponds. Aquatic plants provide habitat for many animals, such as the very useful limnae. Please ensure that the plants do not protrude beyond the edge of the garden pond to the point that their roots emerge from the water of the garden pond, as this results in an undesirable capillary effect. After installing a new garden pond, it is advisable to wait a little before placing fish in it. The ideal is to wait 2-3 months, because the fish can only be placed in the garden pond when the plants have grown a little and the water in the pond has been purified. To avoid unnecessarily polluting the water in the garden pond, it is recommended, particularly when fish are in the garden pond, to use a pond filter or a combination of a pond filter and a UV purification device. -C.

Tarpaulin ponds - unlimited freedom!

A garden pond made from a tarpaulin has the great advantage of being able to be designed individually according to your own wishes. The covered garden pond is particularly the best solution for very large ponds. The tarpaulins are available in rolls or cut to measure, without limitation in terms of dimensions.

Which tarpaulin to choose?

There are different garden pond tarpaulins, which differ in terms of materials than thickness. For a swimming pool for example, we recommend a tarpaulin thickness of at least 1 mm, for garden ponds, we will choose an Aqualiner PVC tarpaulin with a thickness of between 0.5 mm and 1 mm depending on the size of the pool. garden pond. The AquaFlexiliner EPDM cover in our premium quality is a virtually indestructible pond cover whatever the area of ​​use. It is extremely extensible, flexible and can be worked whatever the season.

How much tarpaulin to take?

You must measure the pit using a tape measure (place the tape measure in the pit), first lengthwise, then widthwise. Finally, add one meter to the length and width and we obtain the dimensions of the garden pond cover.