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You dream of buying a beautiful above-ground pool that will blend in perfectly with its environment ? In this case, we recommend going for a wooden swimming pool. Distripool offers a large number of models on its website. A beautiful wooden swimming pool in the garden! The wooden swimming pool is both elegant and authentic: as it easily integrates into its environment, it is really very pleasant to look at. But its appearance is not its only advantage: its price is accessible and it is sold in many shapes and sizes.

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The timeless beauty of wooden swimming pools

Wooden swimming pools embody the perfect harmony between nature and design. Their warm and natural aesthetic fits perfectly into all types of gardens, whether contemporary or traditional. Wood, a noble and living material, brings a touch of authenticity and charm to your outdoor space, transforming your garden into a true oasis of relaxation.

In addition, you will appreciate being able to choose between an above-ground, semi-buried or completely buried wooden swimming pool. You are free to choose the model of wooden swimming pool that will meet your desires or the constraints of your land.

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Enjoy your wooden swimming pool in just a few days

Another advantage of our wooden swimming pools is that they can be assembled in just a few days. If you opt for an above-ground wooden swimming pool, 3 days maximum are enough to enjoy it. For in-ground wooden basins, assembly is just as quick but you will have to add the time to prepare the ground.

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Investing in a wooden swimming pool on our store means choosing a product that will stand the test of time. The wood is specially designed to withstand the ravages of time thanks to a durable anti-mold treatment. You will therefore be able to enjoy your wooden swimming pool for years.

Beyond its primary function, a swimming pool is a place of conviviality, sharing and relaxation. It also adds value to your property. With a wooden swimming pool, you not only benefit from a quality swimming space, but also from an aesthetic element that will beautify your garden year after year.

ZOOM: The robustness of our UBBINK discount wooden swimming pools

Our wooden swimming pools are not only aesthetic, they are also designed to last. The Ubbink / Nortland brand, founded in 1970, is recognized for the quality and durability of its swimming pools, available in several ranges such as Lagon, Azura, Ocea and Linea. The structure of these swimming pools is made from pine wood from Scandinavia and Russia, guaranteeing strength and longevity. The copings, for their part, are made of Northern white fir. The Northern pine beams, with an impressive thickness of 45 centimeters, ensure the robustness of the structure. In addition, thanks to fungicide and insecticide treatments, these woods effectively resist attacks by insects and fungi. We also offer discount wooden swimming pool models from the BWT brand, a French manufacturer of high-end wooden swimming pools. By opting for a wooden swimming pool, you are choosing quality, aesthetics and durability. Add our recommended options, and you will transform your garden into a true haven of peace for many years to come.

The options for wooden swimming pools Nortland Ubbink

It is strongly recommended to equip your wooden swimming pool with various options which will preserve the quality of the water, your comfort but also your security. Among them, the winter tarpaulin orsafety winter cover. To be fixed with eyelets, these covers forUbbink wooden swimming pools or Nortland wooden swimming pools are essential to prevent children and animals from accessing the swimming pool during the winter .
There are alsosummer pool covers. The Ubbink summer cover is simply placed on the water. It floats and allows, thanks to its bubble side, to retain the heat of the water and prevent its evaporation.
Because it is even more pleasant to swim in a nicely lit swimming pool, also consider to equip your wooden swimming pool withled spots which will provide a soft light ideal for long evenings of splashing. SomeUbbink wooden swimming pool lighting kits are supplied with a remote control allowing you to manage the lighting remotely.
Treat yourself to even more well-being by setting your sights on the Birdie waterfall or the Mamba waterfall, the flow of which will soothe and relax you. These patented water jets are even equipped with an LED light.


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Wooden swimming pool structures

If our swimming pools are sold at very low prices, they are also of high quality and their longevity will allow you to spend many summers splashing around! Created in 1970, the Ubbink / Nortland brand designs durable quality swimming pools available in several ranges: Lagon, Azura, Ocea and Linea.
The structures of these swimming pools are designed withpine wood from Scandinavia and Russia while the copings are made from northern white fir. The Northern pine planks have a thickness of 45 centimeters. Thesematerials are extremely strong and thanks to fungicide and insecticide treatments, they are optimally resistant to insects and fungi.



A solid structure thanks to the materials used and its reinforcement


Install an above-ground wooden swimming pool

Hexagonal, octagonal or rectangular, wooden swimming pools can be installed above ground, semi-buried or completely buried. This choice will depend on the inclination, the hardness of the ground on which the swimming pool will be located but also on the aesthetic effect that you wish to offer it.
The assembly must be carried out on a flat concrete slab which will ensure the stability of the pool. This step is not only recommended, it is mandatory for any above-ground swimming pool kit installation.
Assembly of swimming pools is very quick. It generally takes 48 hours to 72 hours depending on the model.


Assembly steps


Tip:Orient the pool so as to position the skimmer facing the prevailing winds in order to optimize the evacuation of surface particles.


Installation of an in-ground wooden swimming pool


Structure for wooden swimming pools, rectangular swimming pools


Filtration Ubbink wooden swimming pools

Also note that all Ubbink wooden swimming pools are equipped with asand filtration system which allows renewal every 4 hours maximum. All models meet the standards put in place in 2011 in terms of safety.
They are equipped with TUV-GS labeled Poolmax hydraulic pumps complying with electrical regulations and the RoHS directive aimed at limiting the use of certain dangerous substances.
Need help choosing your future wooden swimming pool? Do not hesitate to contact the Distripool team by telephone on 04 11 93 04 06 orby email via our contact form.