Electric pool robot

Totally autonomous and programmable, theelectric robot is the least hassle solution for
guaranteeing a clean swimming pool: it cleans the bottom and for certain models, the walls, the stairs and the water line of your pool
without you having to worry about anything! Equipped with its own
filtration system and an electric motor, it is either connected to a domestic electrical outlet by a cable,
or equipped with a battery. The solution for those who hope to clean their swimming pool as optimized as possible
maximum, without the slightest effort.

Robot with booster

Also called cleaner pressure, the robot with booster plugs into the pool broom socket,
and uses an independent circuit which operates thanks to the energy of an electric booster placed
in the technical room. It is the pressure of the water which causes the movement of the device, as well as
the suction of impurities. Unlike the hydraulic robot, the robot with booster is equipped
with its own filter and a waste collection bag. A device which, in addition to being efficient, is
renowned for having a long lifespan.

Dolphin pool robot

Leader in electric pool robots, the brandDolphinoffers autonomous products,
programmable and ultra efficient to keep pure water and a clean pool. The bottom of your
pool, but also depending on the model chosen, the walls, the stairs or even the islands, will benefit
from effective and personalized cleaning. The little extra: a power supply without any risk
for the user, equipped with a patented system which prevents the cable from twisting or tangling.
More than plug it in!

If you need help choosing your pool robot, we recommend that you contact
our customer service: we will help you find the one device that will allow you to clean in
depth of your pool.

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How to choose your pool robot?

Several criteria must be taken into account:

1. The size and shape of your pool: Some robots are more suited to large pools or pools with complex shapes.

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2. The type of covering: Liner, tiles, polyester shell, etc. Make sure that the robot is suitable for your type of covering.


3. Your budget: There is a wide range of prices, suitable for all budgets. 4. Desired functionalities: Some robots have advanced functions such as remote programming via a mobile application.

Distripool: Your partner for a clean swimming pool

At Distripool, we understand the importance of clean and healthy swimming pool water. This is why we offer a varied range of robots and pool cleaners, adapted to all needs and budgets. Our experts are here to advise you and help you make the best choice.


Pool robot

The robot is an essential device for maintaining your swimming pool. Distripool offers you a whole
range of swimming pool robots: hydraulic robots, electric robots and robots
with booster. We offer you different brands, including the famous Dolphin robots.
It's up to you to choose the cleaning robot that best suits your pool based on the following
criteria: size and the shape of your pool, its filtration system (liner or other), its
covering and of course, your budget.

Certain equipment is simply essential when you have a swimming pool. Among
them, the robot: this device will help you maintain your pool so that it stays clean longer
longer. Discover the different types of robots on the market.

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Certain equipment is simply essential when you have a swimming pool. Among
them, the robot: this device will help you maintain your pool so that it stays clean longer
longer. Discover the different types of robots on the market.

Hydraulic pool robot

Thehydraulic pool robot, also called suction robot, moves randomly at the
bottom of your pool and sometimes on the walls to suck up impurities and debris. Connected
directly to the swimming pool filtration system by a floating pipe, it connects either to the
skimmer or to the broom socket, and is supplied with hydraulic energy by the filtration pump. The
collected waste is then taken care of by the pump filter. Easy to use, the
hydraulic robot represents an ideal solution for small budgets!

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Distripool official partner of theZODIAC robot brand

Robots and pool cleaners: Impeccable cleanliness for your pool

The swimming pool is a place of relaxation and pleasure, but to fully enjoy it, it is essential to keep it clean. Pool robots and cleaners are essential allies to guarantee crystal clear water and a pool floor without impurities.

Why choose a robotic pool cleaner?

A pool robot greatly facilitates the maintenance of your pool. It is responsible for cleaning the bottom, the walls and sometimes even the water line, thus eliminating sand, leaves, insects and other debris. Thanks to it, you no longer need to spend hours manually vacuuming your pool: it takes care of everything, independently.

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The advantages of robot cleaners

Optimal efficiency: Robot cleaners are designed to cover every inch of your pool. Thanks to their advanced moving systems and rotating brushes, they can remove even the most stubborn dirt, leaving your pool spotless after each cleaning cycle.
Total autonomy: Once programmed, the robot cleaners work autonomously, freeing up your time to enjoy your pool or indulge in to other activities. Some models even come equipped with obstacle detection systems, allowing them to effectively navigate around ladders or toys left in the pool.
Energy and water savings: Modern robot cleaners are designed to be energy efficient. By filtering and cleaning water more efficiently, they can reduce the need to use chemicals and frequently replace water, resulting in savings on your water and electricity bill.
Adaptability: Whatever the shape, size or type of covering of your swimming pool, there is a robot cleaner adapted to your needs . Plus, with features like programmable cleaning cycles and remote controls, you can customize the cleaning experience to your preferences.
Easy maintenance: Most robot cleaners are designed to be easy to maintain. Bags and filters can be quickly removed, cleaned and replaced, ensuring a long life for your device.
Health protection: By effectively eliminating impurities, algae and bacteria, robot cleaners help maintain healthy water, reducing thus the risk of skin and eye irritation for swimmers.