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The free-standing swimming pool is an above-ground swimming pool made up of an inflatable tube and a flexible structure. Once filled with water, it takes shape and maintains itself. This type of swimming pool is an ideal solution for bathe quickly at a lower cost. In this section,discover our different models of freestanding swimming pools. Our models are available in different sizes to meet your swimming desires and needs.

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What exactly is a freestanding swimming pool?

The freestanding swimming pool is a variation of the inflatable swimming pool. This is an above-ground swimming pool with a flexible structure. It is made up of an inflatable tube (the upper periphery) and a PVC tarpaulin (the lower part), also called a liner which serves as a basin for the swimming pool.

How to install a freestanding swimming pool?

To put a freestanding swimming pool in your garden, it's very simple. Il simply inflate the tube, then fill the water basin. The pressure exerted by the water on the PVC cover will allow the swimming pool to take shape and become stand alone. Please note thatyou must install this type of swimming pool on a flat surface, otherwise it may deform or not hold correctly. Once the summer season is over, all you have to do is drain the water, deflate the pudding and to store the swimming pool before next summer.

What are the advantages of a freestanding swimming pool?

The freestanding pool is an above-ground pool model preferred by families. And for good reason, it is:

 Accessible: the freestanding pool is one of the least expensive pools on the market. On average, count between 300 and 500 euros (depending on the size of the pool);
 Easy to install and store: la freestanding swimming pool does not require earthworks or particular montages. Simply place it in your garden on a flat surface, inflate the sausage, and fill with water. At the end of the season, simply deflate it and store it for the winter;
 Shallow: the freestanding swimming pool designed especially for children and family games;
 Easy to maintain: the freestanding swimming pool is generally supplied with a maintenance and repair kit. filtration (cartridge purifier).

How to choose your freestanding swimming pool?

Several elements must be taken into account before purchasing a freestanding above-ground swimming pool. First of all, choose a size and shape of swimming pool adapted to the space available in your garden, but also to the number of users. Next, pay particular attention to its depth. It should be chosen according to age children and the activities you want to do inside (games, relaxation, refreshment). Finally, know that Many models exist, at different prices. Depending on your desires and your budget, you will find the one that best suits you. Need more information or advice on freestanding above-ground swimming pools?

Do not hesitate to contactthe Distripool experts.

How to install your freestanding swimming pool?

Here is a little TUTORIAL in video form to learn everything you need to know about how to assemble your freestanding swimming pool