Astralpool: the number 1 brand in the world of swimming pools

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Among the major players in the swimming pool world, Fluidra is number one. Indeed, with more than 50 years of know-how, this European leader is at the forefront of innovation. Both for residential and commercial swimming pools. Present in 45 countries around the world with different brands, this originally Spanish group joined forces with Zodiac in 2018. The two companies share values ​​of high quality and innovation in the service of comfort and performance for the user. 1100 patents, 200 engineers, and rapid delivery times are among the strengths of this globally recognized group.


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Bâche à barres piscine Tramontane sur mesure

Customized Tramontane swimming pool bar cover

  • 5|| |1057/5
2 reviews
30.80 €/m²
27.72 €/m²
Doseur de brome TECHNI BROME

TECHNI BROME bromine doser

from: 129,00
Régulateur - pompe doseuse micro Redox

Regulator - micro Redox dosing pump

289.00|| |1191 €
Régulateur - pompe doseuse micro PH

Regulator - micro PH dosing pump|| |1214

  • 3/5
2 reviews
Pompe à chaleur VSP - INVERTER - AquaSphere

VSP heat pump - INVERTER - AquaSphere

from: 1,129,00
Local technique Ramses : equipé

Ramses technical room: equipped

from: 1,174,00

AstralPool: History of the brand!

You will find brands like Polaris or Astralpool.
It is the latter which catches our attention, because it is the historic brand of the Fluidra group. So with unrivaled experience and certain competence, Astralpool products will give you satisfaction during the creation of your project. Or renewing equipment for your swimming area.

On our online store you will find a certain number of Astralpool equipment. Such as regulators, filtration boxes, sand filters and many others.


ASTRALPOOL Pool Pump Collection

First in the pool pumps section, you can, for example, make your purchase in theSena. With a low noise level, an innovative design, and an easy-to-use pre-filter, you will find all the know-how of this major swimming pool brand. With its quick and simple assembly, everything is done for maximum comfort in carrying out your project. TheEuroparange is self-priming and compatible with salt treatment. All these pumps are guaranteed for two years. And delivery is done in just a few days directly to your home.

All you have to do is choose the right capacity according to the volume of your pool. For this, our team is here to answer you and guide you in the purchase of your Astralpool swimming pool pump.

Water treatment: ASTRALPOOL electrolyser and dosing pump

In the high-end equipment section essential to your swimming pool, you will also find regulators and dosing pumps. Astralpool also puts its great capacity for innovation at your service to offer you high-performance products. ThePh regulator less for example is guaranteed for 2 years with the additional possible option of chlorine regulation. All with precision and speed of installation unparalleled on the market. Above all, you save time and comfort without having to constantly worry about the water balance in your swimming area.

The filtration boxes from this leading brand are in the same spirit. Compact, elegant and functional, it is a simple and efficient technical solution for managing your filtration system. They integrate perfectly into your technical room, whatever your type of swimming pool or its water volume.

For salt pools, theAstralpool electrolyzer is an essential reference. With its discreet and compact design, it adapts to the vast majority of technical premises. It allows the proper disinfection of the pool, by transforming salt into chlorine. Intelligent, it alerts you in the event of a lack of salt, and reduces chlorine production if you have an automatic shutter.

Filtration for your ASTRALPOOL brand swimming pool

Good filtration is essential for the quality of your swimming water. The pump of course, but also the sand filter which is a major piece of equipment when setting up your project. Astralpool also offers you a wide range on the Distripool website.Vésubiois for example excellent value for money with a resin and fiberglass structure for great durability over time.

With unparalleled resistance, theCantabricfilter range has established itself as a benchmark on the market. Its unalterable plastic base is designed to withstand all environments. Functional, their maintenance is minimal for your greatest comfort. And the manufacturing material is recyclable, which is a definite plus for the environment.

At Distripool, our desire is to offer you the best products at the best prices. This is why we have chosen to offer you a complete Astralpool range because we are certain of your satisfaction. And we share their values ​​of high standards and innovation