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Choose the color of thelinerwhich will finalize the installation of your swimming pool can be a real headache. You are spoiled for choice and that is why you are having trouble deciding.

At Distripool, we offer you a wide selection of pool liners. And to help you make the right choice, we have created this color chart. From this page, you can discover all the liner colors available. And thanks to our simulator, you will have an overview of the rendering depending on the liner you have chosen.

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Liner piscine 75/100ème gris clair

Pool liner 75/100 light gray

12,00 €/m²
11,28 €/m²
Liner piscine 75/100ème VERNIS bleu France -  2010

Liner piscine 75/100ème VERNIS bleu France - 2010

13.49 €/m²
12.68 €/m²
Liner piscine 75/100ème VERNIS gris anthracite -  2010

Liner piscine 75/100ème VERNIS gris anthracite - 2010

13.49 €/m²
12.68 €/m²
Liner piscine 75/100ème 2015 persia bleu vernis

Liner piscine 75/100ème 2015 persia bleu vernis

19,80 €/m²
18.61 €/m²

La science de la couleur sous l'eau

So why do we put so much effort into helping you find the color of your pool liner? It's because we know that the color of the pool can have a significant impact on your satisfaction.

In fact, it is important to understand that the color of your swimming pool will appear different once it is filled with water, depending on the depth or even the weather. Indeed, red light waves do not do not penetrate through the water surface as well as waves green and blue lights, which alters the perception of color through your eyes.

So, what should you think about when choosing the color of your new liner?

Here are some factors to consider.


Weather conditions

The sky and its sunshine play the leading role in the color of the water in your pool. They modify the reflections, the flicker and color intensity in the same day, and at through the seasons.

For this reason, it is welcome to choose the color of the liner of your swimming pool taking into account major local weather trends. Under the bright sun, the water is shiny. Under a gray sky or cloudy, it takes on a dark color. It is a phenomenon that you have already noticed on the water of rivers, lakes or seasides. same covering will not have the same effects on a swimming pool located on the Côte dAzur and another located in Normandy. If in doubt, the best is to take advice from professionals close to you YOU.

Time of day

The positioning of the sun will also have a distinct effect on the appearance of your new pool throughout the day. In Indeed, the angle of penetration of the sun's rays changes the perception of the color of the water. It can thus appear crystalline when the The sun is at its zenith and darker when it sets.


To choose the color of your liner, it is also important to consider the color palette of the surrounding landscape your swimming pool. What does your ideal relaxation oasis look like?

Once you have a clear direction in mind, remember that certain liner colors lend themselves to certain aesthetic. Graphite gray often looks better in spaces minimalist and modern, while crystal blue is a good choice for delightful tropical settings.


The style of house and the construction of the swimming pool

In addition, the style of your house enters into the choice of color of the liner. What kind of house is this? Modern, traditional? Modern homes tend to lend themselves better to choices bold, such as grays, white, etc., where the clean lines of the construction is reflected in the swimming pool. If the house is more traditional, a finish such as Persia Blue or CERAMICS Atenea from the Alkorplan range is more appropriate.

When choosing the color of the liner, it is important to take into account of the quality of the construction of the swimming pool. If the interior of the pool is not straight or flat, we do not recommend a color united. An AlkorPlan 3000, CERAMICS or TOUCH is more suitable.

Whatever color liner you choose, the water in the pool will always be in a shade of blue or turquoise. It's a little like looking at the sea, the color of the water changes depending on the color of sand or rock underneath and depth of water, but it's always a shade of blue or turquoise. Your swimming pool follows the same principles.


Swimming pool liner color charts by manufacturer

Plain liner colors

The plain liner range is available in 7 attractive colors: White, Sand, Light Blue, Adriatic Blue, Light Gray and Dark Gray. This range offers high quality membranes that are resistant to aging and weathering covered with a varnish which makes them very stable against UV rays.

Light blue:


Adriatic blue or French blue:

photo-liner-bleu-adriatique-5-en-eau photo-liner-bleu-adriatique-3-en-eau


photo-liner-blanc-5-en-eau photo-liner-blanc-23-en-eau


Photo-liner-beige-17-en-eau Photo-liner-beige-18-en-eau

Light gray

Photo-liner-gris-clair-10-en-eau Photo-liner-gris-clair-3-en-eau

Anthracite gray

Photo-liner-gris-anthracite-6-en-eau Photo-liner-gris-anthracite-3-en-eau

Caribbean green

Photo-liner-vert-caraibes-4-en-eau Photo-liner-vert-caraibes-2-en-eau

Printed liner color

The RENOLIT range ALKORPLAN3000 offers the same quality guarantees as RENOLIT ALKORPLAN2000 but with endless modern designs and textures which make your swimming pool the center of attention in your garden: Persia Blue, Persia Sand, Carrara, Marble and Bizance blue.







Persia blue



RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS is a membrane reinforced with relief and appearance of ceramic mosaic. Necessarily thicker than the standard 2000 and 3000 membranes to obtain relief, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS is one of the most aesthetic coatings of the market. The three models are Selene, Atenea and Etna. The liners of this range are non-slip and can therefore be used in shallow pools or on steps.







Persia old rose


Persia anthracite



The top of the range is Renolit AlkorPlan TOUCH, which has the texture and the appearance of natural stone. TOUCH is the reinforced membrane of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN with a thickness of 2 mm. This makes the liners the strongest and most durable on the market. The other big difference compared to what is currently on the market is its great attraction. The liners in the TOUCH range are the first to feature a 3D relief that mimics natural features like rock natural, slate, granite or sand, and also gives a Very pleasant feeling of touch that liberates your senses.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH harmoniously combines the aesthetics of swimming pool while also ensuring total waterproofing of the membrane. THE TOUCH models are:













Natural atmosphere

If you are looking to create a more natural swimming area, the colors of this range will delight you. You will have the choice between olive, cement or even ultramarine blue colors for a natural result and without frills. For lovers of darker shades, marble gray, slate or even black granite will be perfect. The idea here is to maintain a certain continuity with nature and the environment of the swimming pool.

Cement gray


Olive gray


Slate gray


Exotic atmosphere

For pool owners who want to feel in holidays all year round, the colors of this APF liner color chart will delight. You can choose between stone sand and marbled sand. to give the illusion of a beach with golden sand. Turquoise blue pearly is a quite original color which makes the water crystal clear. We find in this liner color chart the timeless Green Caribbean and Green Antilles.



Urban atmosphere

If you have opted for a more urban style of swimming pool or the environment of this one is imbued with modernity, the pearl gray pearly or pearly volcano gray will leave you speechless. Of course, lovers of originality will not be left out with black. Black transforms the water surface into a mirror. With this color of liner, it is not the water that is highlighted but rather what surrounds the pool. And the anthracite gray which makes the swimming pool a real Work of art.

Pearl pearl gray


Volcano gray


Persia anthracite gray


Relaxing atmosphere

Finally, this liner color chart will be the point of start of the creation of your relaxation space. Here, the colors are clear and soothing for relaxing and beneficial swims. Two watchwords: clarity and light. These liner colors are real invitations to relaxation and rest.


The final result depending on the color of your pool liner

Who said a swimming pool has to be blue? He It is true that blue is the most common color in swimming pools. But the palette of shades is wide. Pool blue, also called Provence blue, is the most widespread. It is often used in public swimming pools due to the depth effect it has in the basin and because it retains color longer. Sky blue, almost white, is also popular. It creates a turquoise effect perfect for spaces with few trees and lots of sun. She takes its name from its strong presence on the Côte d'Azur.

Grey is the latest trend so much so that we find in almost all liner color charts. It's different of these classic swimming pools where the blue tends to seem too artificial. Gray produces an electric blue color in the light and darkens in the shade. When it is clear, it recalls certain stone colors and gives a natural color to the water.

White or Carrara white is appreciated for its brightness. He created a very natural crystalline water color close to turquoise.

Yellow, also called sand or beige, can change color by depending on the amount of sunlight. Under the blue sky, the hue varies from emerald green to deep blue depending on depth, just like water a lagoon or a river.

The slightly weathered greens nicely integrate the swimming pool into a wooded setting. They reinforce the natural side.

Finally, turquoise is known to go wonderfully with exotic decor and gardens.

Pool liner color simulator