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Among the electronic elements that make up your spa, we find the control keyboard (or panel or control panel). An essential part, but which can break down and thus, alter the proper functioning of your spa! It is then necessary to replace it. In this section, discover all our control panels from major brands for spas (BALBOA and GECKO in particular) and sold as spare parts to replace your damaged panel.

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The operation of your hot tub is based on various electronic elements. Among them, we finds the control keyboard. This electronic part is essential for proper functioning of your spa. In particular, it allows you to control the various equipment in your spa.

The control keyboard: what exactly is it?

The control keyboard (also called control panel or panel) is an electronic part which is located on your spa. It allows you to manually control the different features of your jacuzzi: water temperature, lighting, filtration, jets (aerojets, hydrojets or venturi jets), etc.

How does the control keyboard work?

The control keyboard consists of a screen and buttons. All you have to do is press the last ones to navigate the menu (which is displayed on the screen) and to manage the different modes of your spa.

The control keyboard is connected to the control box and allows it to be controlled. The housing of control, for its part, allows you to connect all your equipment to electricity (circulation pumps, blower, lights, ozonator, heater, etc.) and make them work properly.

What to do if the control panel fails?

The control keyboard is a complex electronic element. But, don't panic, this piece can be easily replaced in the event of a breakdown. To do this, you need to find the one that corresponds to your spa. It is advisable to choose the same model as the original one if you wish to replace it. Then, we advise you to call a professional to install your new keyboard.

At Distripool, we sell various electronic parts, including control panels. We can advise you on choosing the model corresponding to your spa. feel free to contact us for installation advice, repair or any other information on our electronic spa products.