Teddington: the specialist in swimming pool dehumidification

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En activité depuis 1934, année de sa création, la réputation de Teddington France dans le secteur du génie climatique n’est plus à faire. Elle possède une solide image de la réussite entrepreneuriale même, qu’elle doit à la qualité de ses produits et à son savoir-faire. Teddington France compte parmi ses clients de grandes enseignes dans le secteur du prêt-à-porter, la banque, les salles de cinémas et de spectacles, la restauration/hôtellerie, les grands magasins, les centres commerciaux, les services administratifs, l’agro-alimentaire, le transport public. Son siège social est localisé à Villeneuve la Garenne 92.

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87 years of climate engineering

Today, after 87 years of existence, Teddington France juggles two major areas of expertise: climate engineering and well-being.

The “climate engineering” division is the primary vocation of this company. It has 5 departments: air curtain and air heater, industrial and commercial refrigeration, refrigeration tools and measuring instruments, humidifier, air dehumidifier.

Aside from this main activity, Teddington France also offers a range of products intended for swimming pools, spas andhammams such as the heat pump for swimming pools, the dehumidifier for spa and finally the construction of hammams.

An ambitious research and development program

One of the secrets of Teddington France's success and longevity is its permanent involvement in monitoring technological developments and in the development of innovative products. The company has always been able to adapt to each era by actively participating and contributing to the innovation effort of market players. In particular, it knows how to convince its partners (resellers, distributors, end users) of the potential of each of its products.

Cutting-edge, quality techniques

Teddington France has never done things by half measures. All of the company's products strictly meet current standards and regulations to ensure the safety of users and installers. The reliability and durability of Teddington products have been proven in particular by the loyalty of professional and private customers who continue to call on the company for their climate engineering needs.

Perfect knowledge of needs

The climate engineering market evolves according to socio-political upheavals, climatic and environmental changes, and trends. The deterioration of air quality, which is widespread throughout the planet, for example, has considerably increased the demands on ventilation systems and devices to control and measure indoor air quality. Consumers' enthusiasm for connected objects has also led Teddington France to developintelligent and digital products.

Competent and qualified staff

To ensure its success, Teddington France has always relied on the know-how and skills of its employees. This national and international company has always put people at the center of its openness and development actions. Its staff is made up of several technical and commercial teams who are fully involved in satisfying customer requests.

Products manufactured and sold by Teddington

Teddington is involved in the installation of air curtains in commercial premises with several models to choose from (exposed, built-in, vertical or horizontal, with electric heating or hot water heating, in monosplit or in version DRV).

The company also offers a wide range of cold regulation systems with digital or universal models, motors as well as fans. In the category of air purifiers, we retain the technology ofCold Plasma which is very effective and recommended in times of pandemic with a portable model which is one of the best- sellers of the brand.

Teddington also deploys a complete range of products to humidify the air using the technique of pressurized steam injection, sheath evaporation or ultrasonic nebulization.water treatment solutions are also offered for demineralization, decalcification or filtration as well as storage. The air dehumidifier is essential to eliminate ambient humidity in a house. This type of product can be built-in or mobile, wall-mounted or ducted depending on needs.

Several ranges of products for private and public swimming pools, spas and Hammams are developed within Teddington in order to offer well-being and comfort equipment to a demanding clientele. In this category, you may findheat pumps to heat your swimming pool in all seasons, devices to maintain good humidity in your spa or even construction kits hammam including the steam generator, cabins, custom doors, benches and various accessories.

Teddington's premium services

As a climate engineering professional, Teddington brings together all the design, construction, installation and maintenance techniques of these systems intended to improve the comfort of a habitable enclosure. The company therefore offers heating, plumbing, chimney, ventilation, air conditioning, air conditioning, remote management and even home automation services.

Concretely, Teddington ensures the commissioning of refrigeration systems and installations including heat pumps. It also ensures the maintenance and upkeep of its equipment. Its team of technicians intervenes for the tightness check as well as for the recovery and charging of refrigerant fluids.