Self-adhesive decorative frieze for your swimming pool

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The self-adhesive decorative friezes allow a simple and quick renovation of your liner water line. This new, inexpensive method offers you the possibility of personalizing, renovating your pool, hiding an imperfection, this renovation will give a new shine to your pool and extend the life of your liner.

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Is your swimming pool too ordinary for your taste? We offer you Self-Adhesive friezes in different colors and patterns to make it unique. this type of frieze is compatible with all types of swimming pools with liner, reinforced membrane, painted concrete and polyester shell, it sticks quickly and gives a second youth to your pool.

It's time to get rid of waterline stains or discoloration on your vinyl, acrylic or fiberglass siding. There is an affordable, durable and easy to apply product to your pool to bring it back to life: self-adhesive pool borders.

In just a few minutes, give your pool a facelift!
Adhesive swimming pool friezes can be installed on in-ground or above-ground swimming pools, whether its covering is a liner, a reinforced liner, painted concrete or even a polyester shell. There are many designs of adhesive vinyl edging to choose from.

Whether you're trying to cover waterline stains or unsightly marks or you're just ready to update your pool design, adhesive borders make it easy!

Self-adhesive swimming pool borders are available at a reasonable price, easy to install and ultra practical for a quick change of your waterline border.

Distripool swimming pool borders are available in two widths: 14 and 24 cm, and with a length of 5 meters.

Adhesive swimming pool borders designed to last

Chlorine, the sun, dirt and even suntan lotions are all things that can damage your liner or the paint of your swimming pool.

Our self-adhesive swimming pool borders are specially designed to resist UV and chemicals. All of our pool surrounds have a specially formulated protective coating that includes an advanced ultraviolet filter. The filter prevents Ultraviolet (UV) light from reaching the vinyl surface of the pool deck.

So if you're fed up with the look of your pool's waterline, create a new look without breaking the bank. The transformation will be quick, easy and spectacular! This will save you the expense of purchasing a new liner and the labor required to install one.

Distripool friezes can easily be installed on your swimming pool in an afternoon. In addition, you will appreciate the ease of maintenance of the adhesive border. A wipe of a sponge or a damp cloth is enough to restore the shine to your pool border. Your pool is a place where you can escape into your own little paradise.

Decorate it as you like and cover unsightly stains, discoloration or small tears in the waterline area of ​​the liner or paint.

How to install a self-adhesive decorative frieze?