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Do you want to buy a booster robot to clean your pool more easily? In this section, find all our models of swimming pool robots with booster. Distripool works mainly with the POLARIS brand. Distripool offers you a varied offer at the best prices! It's up to you to choose the electric robot that best suits your swimming pool depending on its size and shape, its type (above-ground or buried), its filtration system, its covering (liner or other) and of course, your budget.

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Over time, if you are not careful, the walls and bottom of the pool can become clogged. To continue swimming in a clean pool with your family, you will have to acquire a robot cleaner to maintain the swimming pool. It is also essential that the filtration system. Among the different types of robots, focus on the one with a booster.

How does a robot with a booster work?

The pool robot with booster (also called pressure or overpressure pool robot) is part of the range of hydraulic pool robots. It is completely autonomous. He connected to the swimming pool filtration system and plugged into a broom socket. He therefore uses a independent circuit operating using the energy of a booster.

The booster

The booster is a pump, placed on an independent circuit, which makes it possible to send water under high pressure into the robot.

Cleaning and moving the robot

The pressurized water jets effectively remove dirt present on the liner, on the bottom of the pool. The water pressure also allows the booster robot to move around the pool randomly. Please note: some latest generation robots integrate a guidance system (via algorithms).

Where does the waste go?

Impurities, debris and other waste are sent to the pool filtration system or the robot (if the latter is equipped with a filter).

The advantages of the robot with booster

This cleaning robot is one of the most reliable and robust on the market. It offers a good value for money. In addition, it is very effective for cleaning the bottom of swimming pools, even from big size. Some models are also capable of cleaning walls, water line and the angles of a basin. Another advantage and not the least: it ensures rapid cleaning from the swimming pool, at your place!

The installation of a robot with booster

Please note, installing the robot is a bit complex: it requires the intervention of a professional to install the booster in the technical room and to pull a specific hydraulic line in diameter 32 mm (this also involves additional costs).

If you need help choosing your robot, do not hesitate to contact us. We you will help you find the device that suits you and which will allow you to clean your pool.