Artificial hedge in height 1m50 or 1m80

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You are looking for concealment solutions that will preserve your private spaces while sublimating them? You will find everything you need here thanks to our different artificial hedges, PVC reeds, fences natural, artificial foliage, green walls, extendable trellises or even privacy screens. Artificial has many advantages: while remaining very realistic, synthetic does not require no maintenance. You will have green spaces all year round, without even having need to water them!

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Clips de fixation canisse PVC

PVC frame fixing clips

from: 7,00
Agrafes modèle 16-20

Staples model 16-20

from: 11.99
Treillis extensible Lierre

Ivy Expandable Trellis

from: 29.95
Clôture naturelle écorce de pin

Natural pine bark fence

from: 44.95
Clôture naturelle osier

Natural wicker fence

from: 49.95

A wide choice of artificial hedges at the best prices

But if you opt for an artificial hedge, all you have to do is choose the style you want for your garden, terrace or any other outdoor development project. Artificial hedges are child's play to set up. There are different ways to attach the hedge to your desired surface depending on what you purchase. Some hedges come in the form of a roll which is rolled out and then fixed to the surface - others come in the form of small, separate panels which are clipped together. Whatever your choice, they are very easy to install without having to plant a natural hedge.

Save time maintaining your garden with an artificial hedge

In addition to their style and realistic appearance, fake plants and trees can last longer than real ones. It's ideal for those who lead busy lives. If you don't have time to plan or remember watering, artificial hedges can save you time and hassle.

Real hedges take a surprising amount of time and effort to maintain, and that's just maintenance - if you want them to look good, there's also a lot of shaping and trimming . Why add unnecessary work when you can get a much better look without all the maintenance? Artificial hedges look great straight out of the box and require virtually no maintenance.

Artificial hedges, the perfect option for more privacy in your garden

An artificial hedge wall with aheight of 1m50 is presented as an effective solution as a method of concealment in gardens, swimming pools, terraces and similar outdoor spaces. Compared to other solutions used for fencing and screening, the artificial hedge wall1m80 is an economical alternative for simple installation, but these are not the only advantages that he offers.

If you've ever tried to plant a new hedge, you know it's hard work Easily enhance your exteriors with an inexpensive artificial hedge An artificial bamboo hedge or artificial foliage hedges are increasingly used for interior and exterior decoration. They help create a relaxing atmosphere in all exterior areas such as a garden or a terrace. Finally, they are used in several ways such as to demarcate a property, create a barrier for animals, hide unwanted views or serve as a windbreak.