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Imagine jumping from a huge natural rock into your own swimming pool with crystal clear water and no harsh chemicals! It is now possible with the range of natural swimming pools in kit form from Aquaforte

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Building a natural swimming pool in your garden - whether a small pond or a large organic swimming pool - is an investment for the well-being and pleasure of your entire family. The natural beauty of the plants and the soothing sounds of the waterfalls make you want to get outside and reconnect with nature!

Aquaforte combines the pleasure of swimming with ecology

The range of organic swimming pools in kit formAquaforteallows you to enjoy the joys of swimming while preserving the environment. The equipment included in the kits is designed to operate with the minimum energy and is reduced to the strict minimum. You will be able to enjoy a natural, ecological and low-restriction pool.

Everyone has their own biological pool


Aquaforte has developed a range of organic swimming pools with varied characteristics.

The Biopool type, a pool with the appearance of a traditional swimming pool but whose filtration is equivalent to that of a swimming pond.
The Limpide type, an organic swimming pool which offers natural water in all simplicity.
The Clear type for a more advanced natural swimming experience.
The Natural type is an easy-to-maintain organic pool.
The Pure Nature type for those who want to enjoy a swimming pond as real as nature.

Swim all year round in your organic swimming pool in Aquaforte kit

Just like traditional pools, organic pools can be heated, allowing you to enjoy them for longer.

There are two distinct methods you can use to heat a natural swimming pool, namely sunlight and heat pumps. Relatively shallow biological pools are able to retain heat well, meaning the sun may be enough to heat your biological pool. If you decide to opt for a deeper organic pool, installing a heat pump can allow you to easily manage the temperature of your swimming pond throughout the year.

Biological swimming pool, prices and minimum operating cost

Beyond their ecological impact, natural swimming pools are also intended to be accessible to as many people as possible. Offered as a kit, you can treat yourself to a magnificent natural swimming pool at an affordable price. And that's without taking into account the savings made in the long term due to the absence of maintenance products.


Enjoy the advantages offered by a natural and organic swimming pool

The main feature of a natural swimming pool is that the water is filtered naturally instead of using chemicals for the filtration process.

While natural swimming pools have been very popular in Europe for several decades, they have recently seen a spike in popularity. Although you may feel that organic pools would be more difficult to maintain than their traditional counterparts, these pools require very little maintenance. Since chemical filtration and pH balancing are not necessary in natural swimming pools, costs and maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum.

Due to these low maintenance costs, natural pool kits are a little cheaper than traditional pools.

Even though chlorinated pools are refreshing and have their benefits, there are many reasons why you should consider choosing a natural pool over a chlorinated pool. When you swim in chlorinated water, the chemicals in that water can leave you with dry or itchy skin and red eyes. Since natural organic pools contain water that does not contain any chemicals, you will not have any problems or discomfort after getting out of the water.

In addition to improving the aesthetic appearance of your home, natural swimming pools have many advantages not found with chlorinated swimming pools, including:

- These pools can create a habitat for flora and fauna.
- The maintenance costs of a natural swimming pool are considerably lower than those of a chlorinated swimming pool.
- The water quality is excellent.
- Water treatment and filtration can be done without the use of chemicals.
- These pools are highly adaptable and can be used in virtually any climate.


A natural swimming pool is part of an ecosystem that is home to insects, amphibians, plants and other forms of aquatic life. As you swim in your natural pool, this life keeps the water clear and clean. As for plants, those that can be found in an organic pool have several functions that are necessary for the maintenance of this type of pool. For example, floating plants like water lilies are responsible for providing shade from ultraviolet rays for microorganisms that live in the water. The root structures of many plants can act as natural water filters that can remove excess nutrients and contaminants.