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Summer is certainly the time of year when you enjoy your garden or terrace the most. But when the heat is too strong, you may hesitate to eat outside. An effective way to keep your outdoors cool and able to enjoy being out of the house even during the worst summer months is to invest in a garden misting system.

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Make your exterior a real relaxation space with a mister

Patio misters are very effective ways to keep your garden patio refreshing and cool, especially during the hot summer months. Garden misting systems use the principle of evaporation to cool the desired area and typically reduce the temperature by up to 30 degrees.

Evaporation is a chemical process that actually uses heat from the air. However, to obtain an optimal cooling effect, the terrace mister must be installed at least 2 meters from the ground. By placing at this height, the garden misting system also covers a sufficiently large area.

A misting system designed for the general public

The presence of misting nozzles and a high pressure water pump generates tiny drops of water which are sprayed on the area to be cooled. Oddly enough, the covered area does not get furniture or other equipment located in the area wet. The operating principle of the system is described as flash evaporation or atomization.

Needless to say, it is the misting nozzles that facilitate flash evaporation and the quality of the nozzles is of crucial importance. Make sure to buy brass misting nozzles as they are durable and trouble-free and also easier to clean.

Portable garden misters for more practicality

Distripool also offers you nomadic misters at the best price. You can therefore install your mister wherever you want.

Easy to install, the portable mister does not require any technical installation. Simply connect the garden hose to the standing mister and that's it!

Don't deprive yourself of the pleasure of eating outside or relaxing by the pool, an outdoor mister will refresh you all summer long. Without forgetting that these are economical misting systems which limit water consumption. Whether you choose a floor-standing or patio mister, Distripool has the misting system that meets your needs.