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There are many reasons to own a spa, from simple relaxation to health benefits to improving your the quality of your sleep. Spas are a great way to experience the soothing power of a hydromassage. Powerful and varied jets provide targeted water pressure on the body, creating a hydromassage. One of the benefits of hydromassage is that it improves circulation in the body. Buying a smaller hot tub may be more economical, but there are still a host of reasons that make a larger 6-person inflatable hot tub a better choice for some

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A 6-seater inflatable spa for convivial moments of relaxation

While this benefit is pretty obvious, it really can't be overstated: extra space is always a good thing. If you are taller than average for example, a larger inflatable spa is certainly the best choice. Not only do six-person hot tubs have more legroom to stretch out, but you're less likely to have to hunch over to keep your shoulders underwater.

This is because larger spas are deeper. Most six-person spas can have a water height of up to 58 cm. In addition, at Distripool we also offerinflatable spas 6 places in an oval shape to offer you even more bathing comfort.

Install your 6-seater inflatable spa wherever you want

One of the most obvious features that a 6-seater inflatable spa offers you: mobility. Unlike solid, permanent and, generally, buried spas, your 6-seater inflatable spa can be installed and then moved whenever you want. The best news is that you can even take it with you on your weekend away! Thanks to the flexible liner, your 6-seater inflatable hot tub can be rolled up and stored in the trunk of your car ready for the journey ahead, no matter where you are going.

And if it snows, wrap it up and bring it inside! Why limit the pleasure of bathing in your6-seater inflatable spa to hot summer days in the garden? You can have just as much fun sitting inside watching the soft snowflakes fall to the ground while enjoying 40˚C water with a glass of wine!

The best brands of 6-seater inflatable spas

At Distripool, your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we have only selected 6-person inflatable spas from reputable manufacturers recognized for the quality of their products. By purchasing your 6-seater inflatable spa from us, you are guaranteed to enjoy your purchase for a long time.