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A pool robot is essential for properly maintaining pools. A robot vacuum cleaner is very practical, especially when it is a cordless robot cleaner. As you do not have to worry about the length of the cable, you can handle it with great ease to clean impurities thanks to its vacuum cleaner and filtration system. Here you will find different models of pool robots

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Robot piscine RobotClean Accu - Ubbink

RobotClean Accu pool robot

Robot sans fil pour SPABOT :  SPA OS0800

Wireless robot for SPABOT: SPA OS0800

Robot piscine RobotClean Accu XL PRO (2024)  - Ubbink

RobotClean Accu XL PRO pool robot (2024 )

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Why buy a pool robot?

A pool robot is an essential tool for pool maintenance, whether it is an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool. A robot cleaner allows regular maintenance of every nook and cranny of your swimming pool. Distripool offers a wide range of pool robots from various of the most prestigious brands. By choosing the robot model that suits your type of pool, the cleanliness of the pool is ensured.

For example, with a cordless robot like theDelta 100, you have the cheapest model on the market. It is very practical since you can use it for any size of pool and for any type. It allows you to easily clear away debris and leaves. Its rechargeable lithium battery is water resistant. This pool robot is solid and has a long lifespan.

TheRobotClean Accualso represents an interesting choice since it is easy to handle. It is equipped with the main features that allow impeccable cleaning of your pool. Its autonomy is 2 hours, which is more than enough for deep cleaning. You have 3 types of steering angle adjustment. It is also very easy to maintain.

In addition to being very efficient, pool robots allow you to bathe in clean water without having to make any effort. Most robots of this type are automatic or semi-automatic. Your pool will last longer if it is properly cleaned and maintained. The pools are cleaned thoroughly and the dirt is moved to the pool filter or kept in the robot's own filter.

The pool robot therefore takes care of cleaning itself as soon as it is installed in the pool. Simply program it first and choose the desired cycle for cleaning. With a properly sized debris compartment, you can remove all debris and impurities from the pond.

How to choose a wireless pool robot?

It is important to choose your pool robot carefully so that it suits the type of pool you have. The environment of your pond can make it more exposed to debris and accumulation of dirt. You must therefore select your device according to the scale of the task it will have to accomplish. Leaves and sand can settle at the bottom of your pool. It is then necessary to choose the right model.

All types of pool robots are effective, but they sometimes have different characteristics. For example, when the wireless pool robot has a floating battery, the battery connected to the robot floats on a buoy. The floating battery is sometimes considered an independent accessory that must be purchased in addition to the robot. It travels throughout the pool and cleans the pool effectively. Most models are very durable.

The most common wireless robot model is of course the model with a built-in battery. The battery is therefore part of the robot. Its manufacture, however, includes different elements depending on the manufacturer. They all do the same cleaning job. The battery must be sufficiently autonomous to allow complete cleaning without the need to recharge the battery. The battery must therefore be adapted to the type of swimming pool.

Some models of pool robots are equipped with a battery indicator which gives the alert when the level is too low. You can then recharge the battery. It also happens that a charging socket is installed inside the pool. Several robot models are able to detect it and plug in the battery themselves when it is time to recharge it. The socket is most of the time installed underwater. Another interesting model that has a bright future is the solar wireless robot. As it runs entirely on solar energy, it does not require any electrical energy. Solar panels are placed on the back of the robot. The sun constantly feeds it. We should expect to see several variations of this model appear over the coming years.

Distripool offers quality models at very affordable prices. It is possible to find a robot model that cleans the entire pool without being very expensive.

Find the cordless pool robot that suits your needs

Each swimming pool has its particularities, whether in terms of its shape or its covering. To do this, you need to choose a wireless pool robot adapted to the characteristics of your pool. At Distripool, we have selected different wireless pool robots that meet the most common needs. Whether your pool is small or large, covered with a liner or tiles, whether there are stairs or a slope, we necessarily have the cordless pool robot that suits you. You can also choose a pool robot that only cleans the bottom or a model that offers complete cleaning of the pool (bottom, walls and water line).

It's time to free yourself from the chore of cleaning by choosing to buy your new cordless pool robot here.

The advantages of wireless pool robots

Pool maintenance has been transformed by the arrival of wireless pool robots. These devices offer unprecedented freedom of movement, allowing complete cleaning without the constraints of cables. One of the biggest advantages of these robots is their increased mobility. Without the limitations of cables, they can move freely, reaching every nook and cranny of your pool to ensure impeccable cleaning.

Ease of use is another major plus. Our cordless pool robots are equipped with batteries that recharge in a few hours for a battery life of up to 2 hours. Additionally, most cordless robots feature intuitive programming systems. Just put them in the water, program them, and they take care of the rest.

In terms of maintenance, these robots are designed to be robust and durable. With rechargeable batteries and built-in filtration systems, they require minimal effort on the part of owners. No matter the size or shape of your pool, there is a cordless robot to suit your needs. Some models are even specially designed to clean hard-to-reach areas, like stairs and walls.

Buy your new wireless pool robot at Distripool

At Distripool, we understand the importance of a clean and well-maintained swimming pool. This is why we are committed to offering our customers the best wireless pool robots available on the market.

Our range of products is carefully selected to guarantee quality, durability and effectiveness. In addition, our team of experts is always available to advise you and help you choose the robot that best suits your needs. With Distripool, you can be assured of getting a top quality product at a competitive price.

Finally, we make sure to regularly update our catalog with new models of ever more innovative wireless pool robots.