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The Poolstar group is a reference in the world of swimming pools. Of French origin, this group is based near Marseille. Since 2006 Poolstar has been offering increasingly high-quality and innovative equipment for residential swimming pools. The recognition is such that they are now able to open branches in Europe, such as in Spain or Italy. French quality, international influence, it is with this type of confirmed and high-end professional that Distripool wishes to work. To always offer you quality equipment and efficient after-sales service

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Within the Poolstar group, the Poolex brand stands out for its high technology.

By adapting techniques from other sectors such as aeronautics, Poolex positions itself as an innovative leader. A know-how that knows how to take the environment into account. Indeed, heat pumps benefit in particular from a gas that is more respectful of the planet.

What is a heat pump for your swimming pool? It is perfect equipment for heating the water in your pool. And thus benefit from your installation more often during the year. And for the enjoyment of the whole family. Via a complex system, it transforms calories from the air to heat your water.

Purchasing a Poolex swimming pool heat pump means choosing performance. You will find a wide range on our online store to meet all your needs.

POOLEX above ground swimming pool heat pump

If you have an above ground swimming pool of less than 30 m3, do the choice of the Poolex Nano or Nano Turbo model. Compact and lightweight, it can be easily installed in the area of ​​your home. You can even choose a Nano Reversible to benefit from hot or cold action. Heating or cooling your pool is entirely possible with this recent, low-cost model.

If your bathing space has a volume between 30 and 40 m3, the Poolex Q-Line 7 model will be an excellent choice. This vertical heat pump offers unrivaled space savings. Also reversible, its top blowing technique gives you greater acoustic comfort. Full Inverter technology developed by Poolex provides a very quiet pump.

But also very economical in electricity. Innovative, discreet, space and energy efficient, it is also very easy to use. With its WiFi connection, you manage your equipment directly from your Smartphone. And the presence of LEDs tells you if the right temperature has been reached. In short, a high-quality heat pump while respecting your purchase and long-term budget. The Poolex Silverline swimming pool heat pump model is a best seller. Especially since this model is now also equipped with Full Inverter technology. As you can see, this technique is effective both in terms of noise reduction and energy consumption.

POOLEX in-ground swimming pool heat pump

The Silverline heat pump It is also suitable for all pools and all volumes. In fact, you can equip your swimming pool from 30 m3 to 100 m3 with it. It will be enough for you simply choose the right power in kW. And all accessories are included with your purchase. The winter cover, the connectors, or the anti-vibration supports will allow you an easy and intuitive installation. And the electronic remote control will allow you easy use.

Finally, we offer you a range of Poolex heat pumps with which we have been working for more than 10 years. The premium Poolex Jetline heat pump will meet your needs perfectly. Adaptable for a volume of up to 110 m3, it is also provided with the Full Inverter technology which we talked about above. But with even lower energy consumption. Its gradual start-up ensures a long lifespan. And its control by Wifi and Smartphone ensures optimum comfort of use.

To conclude, please note that we provide several ways to help you choose your Poolex heat pump. First, our team answers and advises you all day long. Our experience of more than 30 years is a guarantee of competence and professionalism. Then we designed our calculator to make your life easier. Don't hesitate to use it, it's simple and precise