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In the section of innovative above-ground swimming pools, you can find a new type of pool. In recent years, a new concept of swimming pool has appeared on the market. This is the container swimming pool. It’s a trendy concept, in tune with the times. With recycling and a gesture for the environment as a backdrop. These containers are sometimes stored and unused for economic reasons. By reusing them for the construction of new spaces, it means less materials and energy and more savings for the planet. But also for your budget

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This type of swimming pool is made with shipping containers.

These are now useful to many sectors. Like for example the construction of houses. These amenities are also perfect for a swimming area. With their structure specially designed to withstand the extreme conditions of maritime transport across the globe, you will not find more solid and resistant in the world of above-ground basins.

They are then transformed into a real swimming pool. By applying a metal structure and a smooth, high-density thermal insulation, the transformation into a pool is simple and economical. Sometimes the exterior walls are also insulated. And this process ensures unparalleled insulation with minimal heat loss. Thus, it is a real electrical saving on heating your space. And bathing comfort for all. You benefit from your above-ground pool longer in the year and at a lower cost.

In addition, by purchasing a container swimming pool from Distripool.fr, you are choosing a complete swimming set. With the filtration system and theintegrated technical room, there is no need to waste time when making your purchase. They are therefore delivered with all the essential accessories for assembling a swimming pool. Including waterproofing with a high resistance liner75/100th, or aresinand an access staircase.

Real comfort for you and the guarantee of not forgetting anything.

Container swimming pools areself-supporting. As these are above-ground basins, no action is necessary with the administration. That is to say no building permit or authorization for work to be done. They are very simple to install and require no work. Except the creation of a concrete slab to guarantee the good stability of your space. The connection is simply made via thePlug and Play. (basin ready for bathing, not in kit) In fact, you only have to plug in the power to start enjoying. This type of installation also allows your container swimming pool not to be subject to ground movements as with an in-ground swimming pool, for example. If you nevertheless decide to bury it partially or completely, the rigidity of the container basin will provide great strength over time.

Finally, please note that our container swimming pools are under warranty for 5 years. You benefit from payment in several installments and a 5% discount for the purchase of an inexpensive container above-ground swimming pool. And you will have the expertise and experience of Distripool.fr to support you throughout your project.

How to install your container swimming pool?


1.GROUNDIt is necessary to provide a reinforced concrete slab with a thickness of between 15-20 cm completely level to the installation of the basin in a container. This slab must respect the drying time of this type of work before installing the swimming pool.
2.ELECTRICITYA power outlet must be provided normal outdoor use at a maximum distance of 6m from the pool.
3.WATERA water supply must be provided near the swimming pool for filling.

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1.UNLOADING AND PLACING At the time of unloading the swimming pool container must remove the securing rings from the straps of the transport so that the driver can return them to the factory. Inside the filtration room of the swimming pool you will find a KIT of plastic plugs to place them in their place. Place the barrier safety and the ladder that are delivered in the container swimming pool.

2.PLACEMENT OF THE FLINT IN THE FILTER Once the container pool is in place, you must start by put the bags of flint in the filter. First the coarse sand and then the fine sand.

3.CHECKING VALVES AND CONNECTIONS When the sand is in place, the next thing to do is to check all the valves and fittings of filtration that they are well tightened, with the vibrations of transport it is possible that they will loosen.

4.VALVE OPENING As soon as the valves and connections are properly checked, proceed to opening the valves: - Bottom drain - Skimmer - Repression

5.PUTTING WATER IN THE POOL When filling the container pool, it will be necessary be in it to give a correct finish to the liner.
CAUTION: Sometimes with the vibrations of the transport it is possible that the liner will loosen, it will be necessary put it back in place before filling. Start by filling with water to between 5-10 cm. While the pool is filling, 2 people will need to be inside to correctly place the liner (with hands and feet) to avoid folds and wrinkles until the liner is smooth. *It must be taken into account that being a liner there may still be some small creases.

6.POOL CONNECTION Connect the pool socket to the electrical supply point you had planned at the time. of soil preparation. 7. PROGRAMMING FILTRATION HOURS You can set the desired filtration time at through the electrical box included in the technical room. You will find more details on the installation and start-up of the swimming pool in the user manual. that you will receive with the swimming pool

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