Outdoor wooden cabin suitable for your children

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Do your children dream of a cabin of their own in a corner of your garden? A real house, with a door and windows You will find it beautiful, and you will appreciate its security. The children's cabin is made of solid wood from Scandinavia, planed and autoclave treated, which allows it to withstand bad weather. Equipped with Plexiglas glazed windows for greater safety, these children's playhouses are sold in kits and comply with the European toy standard. A children's cabin is a dream for all toddlers, and will allow them to give free rein to their creativity during outdoor activities.

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At Distripool, we offer you beautifully designed wooden playhouses that are ideal for children of all ages. Wooden garden sheds are easy to assemble and offer excellent value for money.

What better way to get the little ones playing in the garden than with a beautifully designed children's playhouse. Choose from a selection of lovingly built wooden playhouses and let their imaginations run wild.

Whether you choose a floor-standing or patio mister, Distripool has the misting system that meets your needs.

Combine business with pleasure with a pretty wooden cabin

One thing a wooden cabin can offer you, unlike plastic, is that touch of class and sophistication that only a wooden construction can bring. Whatever the style, if your cabin must be an essential element of your garden, only wood can add that little extra. A wooden building is a haven, a child's own world throughout childhood - a plastic building is just a toy.

Our wooden children's cabins are a real asset for the garden

Another advantage that a wooden cabin offers is that it can be painted by you or directly chosen in the color of your choice.

And as children grow and tastes change, it's always possible to change the color palette or finish to suit.

Wooden children's cabins designed to last

A well-maintained wooden playhouse is tough, sturdy, durable and able to withstand the knocks and general hustle and bustle of children's play. With wood, any damage that might occur is usually easily repaired and is not likely to result in sharp edges and fragments. EU regulations require wooden garden sheds to be made of smooth, splinter-free wood, so there is no need to worry about this.

Properly maintained, you can expect a wooden playhouse to last for decades without issue.

Buy a wooden cabin for children at the best price

An outdoor wooden playhouse draws inspiration from the traditions of children's play - satisfying a child's need to create a "parent-free" zone, a place of their own. Well chosen and maintained, it will be an asset to the garden. Whatever your budget, your tastes or your requirements, choose from the vast selection of wooden cabins available online at Distripool.