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If you have an indoor swimming pool, certain accessories will be essential for you to make the most of your swimming pool for as long as possible. relaxation. Among them, the dehumidifier, which will allow you to maintain a comfortable hygrometry in the room housing your swimming pool. The humidity level of an indoor swimming pool must be between 60 and 70%. Lower, this rate favors the evaporation of water. Higher, it generates significant condensation and risks causing the appearance of fungus, fogging, saltpetre or even corrosion. Too high a rate also creates an unpleasant atmosphere for swimmers.
hygrométrie de confort. Le taux d’hygrométrie d’une piscine intérieure doit être compris entre 60 et 70%. Inférieur, ce taux favorise l’évaporation de l’eau. Supérieur, il engendre une condensation importante et risque de provoquer l’apparition et de champignons, de buée, de salpêtre ou encore de corrosion. Un taux trop élevé engendre en outre une atmosphère désagréable pour les baigneurs.

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What is dew point?

The dew point is the moment when water vapor changes to a liquid state and creates condensation on the walls. This point is reached at 20.6°C for a room whose temperature is 28°C and where the hygrometry rate is 65%. Windows are the preferred site of this condensation. The humidity in the room housing your swimming pool is due to condensation, a phenomenon that cannot be avoided. not to be avoided but which can be limited. The humidifier will suck in warm, humid air and renew to return dry and healthy air to the building. Thanks to the hygrostat supplied with the Most dehumidifier models, this regulation is done automatically. Set it on 65% and let your dehumidifier do the rest!

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Which dehumidifier should you choose for your swimming pool?

The choice of swimming pool dehumidifier will depend on the evacuation capacity you need. In addition to installing dehumidifiers, it is strongly recommended to cover your indoor swimming pool during times when it is not in use. This cover will prevent water evaporation and will allow you not to leave your dehumidifier running all day. You will save money both for your wallet and for the planet. There are several models of swimming pool dehumidifiers. Among them, built-in systems and room consoles.

Room dehumidifiers for swimming pools:

To be installed in the room at least two meters from the pool, this solution is very easy to implement. The Teddington dehumidification console, which operates according to the principle of refrigeration condensation, appeals with its modern design. It exists in 3 different powers. The collection of dehumidifiers designed by Distripool is also offered in 3 models, for swimming pools from 20 to 60m². Available in column or console, these DOLCE indoor pool dehumidifiers are very easy to install.

Built-in Teddington dehumidifiers:

There are also built-in Teddington dehumidifier consoles . A range of ultra-quiet air dehumidifiers which also operate on the principle of refrigeration condensation and are available in 3 powers.

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