Pool accessories and equipment to build your swimming pool

Ask most people what they think when they hear the term "pool construction," and you'll probably be told that in most cases it means a little more than the general shape of the pool. Indeed, it goes further than that. In fact, today's swimming pools require a number of accessories and design elements

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Pour profiter longtemps de votre piscine, vous avez besoin de matériel et d’accessoires de qualité. Nos équipes mettent tout en œuvre pour sélectionner et vous proposer un large choix d’accessoires de piscine pour sa construction ou sa rénovation.

You benefit from the best in swimming pool equipment, whether above ground or buried.

Whether you are about to build your swimming pool or want to renovate it, we have the accessories and equipment essential for this. Without forgetting that our teams are here to answer all your questions.

All swimming pool equipment at the best price

If you are planning to build a swimming pool, make sure you understand all the different accessories and materials that can transform it into a small area of paradise that you will never leave.

Distripool offers you swimming pool accessories and all the equipment necessary for the construction of your swimming pool. Once you've chosen the size and shape of your pool, these accessories can have a big impact on the appearance of your pool .


The essential accessories for building your pool

So, what steps can you take to complete your pool design and afford the pool what you and your family dream of? It really comes down to the details once you've decided on size and shape.

Discover all the swimming pool accessories and equipment essential for its construction.

Lighting can make a swimming pool something truly special. In-pool lighting creates a unique feel and ambiance, and outdoor perimeter lighting can set the mood for nighttime swims. Pay attention to lighting for the best possible pool.

We also offer you a wide choice of copings, stairs and ladders to make using your swimming pool safe and easy.

If you are a wellness lover, you will be delighted to discover our range of balneotherapy accessories to add a relaxing element to your swimming pool.

Distripool also offers a wide choice of parts to seal, hydraulic connections, home automation systems and even counter-current swimming pumps. Pool accessories that transform a simple pool into a cutting-edge pool.