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NetSpa: Octopus semi-rigid spa:

The Octopus spa combines the advantages of a large 4-6 seater spa, with the exterior dimensions of a 4-seater version.

The 13 cm foam panel structure assembles in a few minutes to provide both the necessary rigidity, but also insulation and comfort.

The interior liner has an integrated insulating mat, as well as vertical bubble nozzles, ideal for back relaxation.

Its intelligent motor unit integrates a heating, filtration and relaxing massage system for minimum maintenance.

Spa Octopus 6 Places NetSpa + 5 furniture + Parasol

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Very simple installation and use, the octopus spa can be mounted indoors or outdoors outside. Its structure is made up of an innovative system of 8 foam walls. Installation is done in less than 15 minutes. Child's play. Comfort on this spa is optimum, the rigid foam walls offer better comfort for a perfect session. Finally, the design is elegant, the exterior covering has a superior leather appearance.

Netspa has designed this spa while respecting the standards of the best acrylic spas. Ultra-deep with walls of 70 cm, you can if you wish immerse your neck for an effective massage session. The filtration cartridge is integrated into the motor block next to the spa and will allow you to optimize the massage space inside.

A 100% safe spa: in fact thanks to its low-current external differential socket, double insulation of the electric heater, triple protection against backflow, protection against overheating (water up to 42°C), locking of the control panel.



Optional: take the woven resin furniture adapted to your Octopus spa


PACK 5 elements = 1 pack of 2 elements + 1 pack of 3 elements.|| |1291

PACK 8 élements :
1 pack of 2 elements + 2 pack of 3 elements.

PACK: 2 elements: Modules: B + C

PACK : 3 élements : Modules : A + D + E


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How to install your octopus spa: Here is a complete video


Le service après vente chez Netspa est simple et à la portée de tous. Aucune intervention ou changement sur le produit. De plus il n'est pas nécessaire de vider votre spa pour cet opération. Une réparation facile et efficace ! 

Logistics Dimensions and pack:

Octopus + Furniture (5modules) : 1 pallet 120x80x194 - Weight 102kg

Octopus Only: 1 pallet 120x80x97 - Weight 53kg

All furniture (5 modules): 1 pallet 120x80x100 - Weight 64kg

PACK 5 élements = 1 pack de 2 élements + 1 pack de 3 éléments.

PACK 8 elements:
1 pack of 2 elements + 2 pack of 3 elements.

PACK: 2 elements: Modules: B + C

PACK: 3 elements: Modules: A + D + E

Here is our OCTOPUS spa with its furniture as well as the complete parasol

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