The square swimming pool: a trendy choice

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The square swimming pool is all the rage at the moment. More and more people are adopting it because of its original design. It has a modern look with a lot of elegance. It can be integrated with great ease into all types of spaces, as its ease of maintenance and its installation are à la carte. Ideal for relaxing, the square swimming pool is very suitable for swimming with family, couples or friends. Dive into the depths of this type of pool and discover our guide on the subject

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What is a square swimming pool?

In recent years, the square swimming pool has been the choice of almost all people. Its format is smaller than that of a classic rectangular swimming pool, which makes it inexpensive to maintain. If many modern households make it a must-have, it is above all for its contemporary appearance. It is the perfect choice if you want to have an indoor swimming pool. This shape is an excellent compromise for having a good time relaxing with the children, because it is generally shallower than a rectangular swimming pool. In addition, it benefits from a generally inclined flat bottom.

Why choose a square swimming pool?

There are many reasons to buy a square swimming pool. It stands out through its graphic and refined charm. More trendy than the traditional rectangular swimming pool, the square swimming pool has a corner staircase, which gives it a touch of originality. Due to its compact nature, it is the ideal choice if you have limited space. Although its size is quite small, it offers several advantages. For example, we note the ease of cleaning.

It is also important to mention that this is an economical solution, since it requires very little energy to heat optimally. It is also quite simple to treat the water for a better family-friendly swimming experience. If the square swimming pool is used for small spaces, please note that it is also possible to install it in larger areas depending on the dimensions of your choice. Comfortable, the square swimming pool can be used both for family play and for swimming.

The fact that it meets all desires constitutes a major advantage. The square pool is easier to adapt to numerous equipment and accessories. On this type of pool, it is, for example, easier to install filtration. The best thing is that you will not need to take administrative steps if the swimming pool measures less than 10 m2.

Types of square swimming pools

Square swimming pools are available according to their installation method. Thus, you will find on the market thesquare above-ground swimming pool, the square semi-buried swimming pool and the square in-ground swimming pool.

Semi-buried swimming pools are halfway between square above-ground swimming pools and square in-ground swimming pools. This type of swimming pool is suitable for sloping grounds. This way, we can easily bury one side of the pool and leave the other above ground. The semi-buried square swimming pool is also recognized for its aesthetic and safety character. It should also be noted that it is possible to adapt it with numerous accessories such ashydro-massage nozzles or counter-current swimming. For a semi-buried swimming pool, you can choose between wood or concrete.d’hydro-massage ou la nage à contre-courant. Pour une piscine semi-enterrée, vous pouvez choisir entre le bois ou le béton.

Furthermore, if you need a swimming pool that is easy to install, you can opt for an above-ground swimming pool, even if its main disadvantage lies in its fragility. However, you will not need to invest in earthworks to benefit from it. A square above-ground swimming pool can easily accommodate small gardens. In addition, there is no need to apply for a building permit to purchase an above-ground swimming pool. This pool can be made of wood or plastic.

As for the in-ground swimming pool, you will first need your administration to issue you a building permit if you wish to purchase one. Very well known, it presents the classic image of the family swimming pool. In this context, you can choose between a shell swimming pool or a swimming pool kit.

Dimensions for a square swimming pool?

The square swimming pool is known for its right angles and identically sized sides. Perfect for interior courtyards, it generally measures 4 to 5 meters on each side. Those that are narrower measure 2.3 meters on each side. Square swimming pools are characterized by their flat or gently sloping bottom and a depth of 1.25 to 1.5 meters. Ultimately, square swimming pools are very aesthetic. If we prefer them so much, it is above all to enjoy magnificent moments of refreshment with family or friends. It is very often installed inside homes. Square swimming pools differ depending on their method of installation. You will find the above-ground swimming pool, the in-ground swimming pool and the semi-buried swimming pool.