Infrared sauna, opt for the best in saunas

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When you go to a spa, you love spending time in the sauna to relax ? How about owning your own infrared sauna? Thanks to Distripool, it’s possible! Buy a luxury sauna on Distripool! We invite you to discover our range of infrared saunas: luxury equipment designed by the major brand France Sauna. You will have the choice between models that can hold up to 5 people. Very aesthetic, they are made from solid wood (hemlock, abachi and red cedar) and work using the carbon or ceramic technique

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Do you have a space in your home that you would like to convert into a space for relaxation and well-being? Distripool supports you and helps you make your infrared sauna project a reality.

Infrared sauna, opt for the best in saunas

An infrared sauna is a more modern and gentle version of the traditional sauna. While traditional saunas use hot stones or steam to produce heat in a room, infrared saunas use infrared heaters to create their heat. This method allows infrared heaters to raise your body temperature directly compared to traditional saunas which raise your temperature indirectly. In infrared saunas, only 20% of the energy goes into heating the air, which means that up to 80% of the heat directly warms your body

Infrared saunas often reach temperatures of 'around 40-60 degrees Celsius combined with lower humidity levels. The advantage for home installation is that an infrared cabin does not need special ventilation for excess heat. You will also have no problems with moisture build-up (as infrared saunas produce very low humidity) and these saunas are much cheaper to build (and therefore buy). Finally, you can stay inside an infrared sauna longer because the air temperature levels are not as stressful on the body as dry saunas (but you still get the incredible benefits of sweating and thermotherapy).

Given these reasons, it is clear that infrared saunas are becoming extremely popular with health-conscious people and those looking for a home sauna at a great price.

Distripool makes trust in the market leaders of infrared saunas

Installing an infrared sauna in your home is no coincidence. This is why at Distripool we have chosen the best manufacturers of portable infrared saunas. You are thus assured of purchasing an infrared sauna made from robust materials designed to last and which will meet your needs for several decades. We also guarantee you an infrared cabin equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that will delight the most demanding users.

Taking care of yourself has never been so accessible thanks to our selection of infrared saunas top of the line. So, if you are planning to create a relaxation space at home, contact the Distripoo team without delay

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