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Maintenance of your pool or spa is essential. With a good vacuum cleaner, you ensure that you keep the pool water clean and vacuum up dirt. Therefore, it is important to choose the right pool and spa vacuum cleaner. In this section, find different models of vacuum cleaners from the HTH and Water Tech brands. High-performance, quality vacuum cleaners

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Why buy a pool vacuum cleaner?

There are several good reasons to buy a pool vacuum cleaner, the main one being to properly clean the water and prevent impurities from accumulating before the situation becomes unmanageable.

The choice among the vacuum cleaners available is quite vast and it is important to choose the one that best suits your pool, whether it is an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool. Vacuum cleaners are also suitable for spas.

For example, with a pool vacuum like theVolt FX-2 Spa Vac, you have a more powerful spa vacuum than others cleaners of this type, without having to break the bank since it is also very affordable. It effectively cleans your spa and saves you from manual cleaning which takes several hours. Sand and algae are removed by micro-filters integrated into the device. It cleans spas as well as small swimming pools.

TheVolt FX-4Li Spa Vac spa and pool vacuum cleaner is just as practical. It can clean spas as well as above-ground swimming pools and medium-sized in-ground swimming pools. Since it is a cordless vacuum cleaner, it cleans the spa perfectly. Its lithium battery is rechargeable above and below water. It vacuums up all types of debris, even gravel and leaves. The vacuum cleaner can be maneuvered into even the most complicated corners.

If you need to clean a large spa or pool, it is recommended to use theVolt FX-8Li. It acts quickly and effectively.

The brush broom is not enough to properly clean the pool or spa. With this tool it is possible to remove some of the dirt, but with the vacuum cleaner you will be able to force the impurities to pass through the filtration system. The dirt can also be directed directly to the sewer. The water in your swimming pool will therefore remain completely healthy because the vacuum cleaner will prevent encrustation and impurities will not be able to develop.

It is also important to buy a pool and spa vacuum cleaner because it targets the areas that need to be cleaned as a priority. In this way, places where micro-organisms and impurities tend to accumulate become protected and the water remains healthy.

How to choose a pool and spa vacuum cleaner?

There are several criteria to consider when choosing a pool and spa vacuum.

· It must be adapted to the type of swimming pool or spa you have;

· It is important, among other things, to take into account the size of the swimming pool to have sufficient power for good maintenance;

· The power of aspiration decides everything. The more power you have, the easier maintenance is and therefore cleaning is also faster.

Manual or automatic vacuum cleaner?

Both the manual vacuum cleaner and the automatic vacuum cleaner have advantages. The manual vacuum cleaner allows you to clean your pool or spa at a lower cost. It is also very ecological since it saves energy. You don't have to use electricity. As for the electric vacuum cleaner, it of course allows you to save time and obtain more power. The electric robot is especially useful for large swimming pools.

Wired or wireless

You should preferably choose wireless models. There are very good models with an easily rechargeable lithium battery which gives you great autonomy. You will be freer to move around and you will be able to reach every corner of the pool or spa without any problem. You'll get a top-notch clean while remaining comfortable. There are also electronic battery-powered models.

The tank capacity

Also be sure to choose a pool and spa vacuum cleaner with a tank of sufficient capacity. The ideal is to be able to clean everything in one go, without having to empty the vacuum cleaner several times. The size of your pool or spa must therefore be taken into account when choosing a vacuum cleaner.


A few accessories will be needed to help you properly remove all the dirt. Regardless of the vacuum cleaner model, you will also need other cleaning instruments. A brush for the walls is always useful. It would also be important to have a telescopic handle.

Remain vigilant to ensure that the water in your pool or spa remains clean. After bad weather, waste can accumulate. It's the same thing if you haven't been able to maintain your pool for a while. This is when the vacuum cleaner becomes essential