Spa pump: circulation pump and massage pump for spa

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In this section, discover our different types of spa pumps. You can find models of circulation pumps for spas and models of massage pumps for the jets in your spa (available in single-speed or two-speed versions). Many brands are available, such as: LX, BALBOA, WATERWAY, AQUAFLOW, BALBOA etc

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The different types of spa pumps

The proper functioning of your spa or jacuzzi is linked to the addition of one or more pumps:
The circulation pump: it ensures the cleanliness of the water;
The massage pump: it supplies the massage nozzles.

The spa circulation pump

The circulation pump (sometimes called a filtration pump) is an essential element for good hygiene in your spa. Indeed, this pumpallows the water to circulate (to prevent it from stagnating) and above all, it allows it to pass through thee filtration system in order to clean it. In practice, the pump sucks the water from the spa and sends it to the filter which captures the impurities. Depending on the model, the pump can also pass water through the heater before reinjecting it clean and hot into your spa.

pompe circulation balboa circ pump

The spa massage pump

The massage pump is also an important element of your spa, particularly for the hydromassage system. In fact, it is what makes it possible tosupply the massage nozzles with a powerful jet of water. In practice, the massage pump draws water from the spa. Thanks to a turbine present in the pump, the water flow increases then the pump rejects the water via the hydrojet nozzles for a quality massage.

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How to choose the right spa pump?

For good efficiency of your circulation pump or your spa massage pump, pay particular attentionto their power. It is expressed in HP (horse-power) or kW (kilowatt).

• For a circulation pump: the power must correspond to the volume of water in your spa. There are 0.35, 0.50, 0.75 and 1HP circulation pumps. Be aware that a circulation pump does not exceed 1PH;
• For a massage pump:the power must correspond to the number of massage nozzles in your spa. The higher the power of the pump, the greater the flow rate of the massage jets.

There are massage and circulation pumps in single-speed version. Two-speed versions are only useful if the jets and water circulation are powered by the same pump.

Do not hesitate to contact the Distripool experts for any questions relating to pumps (circulation or massage) or for any other information on your spa.