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FILTRINOV Filtrinov a été créé en 2005 par Maxime et Fabien Saussac. Petite entreprise familiale localisée à Saint Etienne, Filtrinov a connu un succès rapide dans le secteur des filtrations pour piscines. Le concept des frères Saussac est de proposer une large gamme de produits fiables et de haute qualité, faciles à poser pour filtrer et nettoyer l’eau des piscines.

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Pièces détachées groupe Filtrinov

Filtrinov group spare parts

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Groupe filtration Filtrinov FB-12

Filtrinov FB-12 filtration unit

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Groupe filtration Filtrinov MX-18

Filtrinov MX-18 filtration unit

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Mur filtrant piscine : Filtrinov

Swimming pool filter wall: Filtrinov

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Groupe filtration Filtrinov MX-25

Filtrinov MX-25 filtration unit

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Services offered

In short, this swimming pool filtration professional offers its customers innovative filtration solutionswithout buried pipes, simpler and easier to be installed and put into service. Filtrinov is changing the landscape of this specialization by becoming a key player. The performance of its products is convincing so much so that its customer list is growing.

After a few years of existence, Filtrinov has doubled its turnover, allowing it to consider strengthening its leading position in France and expanding internationally in the field of filtration systems for swimming pools.

The keys to Filtrinov’s success

Filtrinov has always been at the forefront of technological innovations. This is one of the secrets of its success. The company regularly develops new products that comply with the standards and regulations in force in Europe. To be entirely independent in its research and development division, Filtrinov has equipped itself with a design office capable of designing3D products, developing them quickly and then to test them as well.

One of Filtrinov's core values ​​is the concern to provide quality products to its customers. It therefore strives to create reliable, efficient, solid and durable products. To obtain these results, Filtrinov puts all of its products through abattery of tests and trials without exception.

To market its products to individuals throughout France, Filtrinov works with resellers such as SODIPA, CASH Piscines, Hydro Sud, Zyke, Ozéo, . To distribute its products intended for professional customers such as hotels or spas, Filtrinov works in close collaboration with Hydralians, SCP France and Interplast.

These partners trust Filtrinov because it is capable of responding to all requests in all seasons and even ensuring production in the event of an increase in flows. Its 1500 m2 warehouse in Saint Etienne offers significant storage capacity.

Filtrinov personalized services

In addition to marketing swimming pool filtration products to resellers and distributors, Filtrinov offers personalized support in carrying out your project. Based on attentive listening to end customers, the solutions are developed and offered to professionals in order to adapt perfectly to market expectations.

Particular care is taken in the packaging and shipping of your packages. Each order is processed individually even if sending grouped by containers is an option offered. Strong and practical packaging ensures the safety of products during delivery from Filtrinov factories to your home. To reinforce this safety, wooden boxes previously treated and complying with NIMP15 standards are made available. The aim of Filtrinov is to facilitate the handling of packages during transport but also in your storage area.

Overview of Filtrinov products

Filtrinov offers innovative filtration solutions ideal for theconstruction of swimming pools. It also sells spare parts and accessories. The company's concept is based on the development and marketing of a whole range of walls or filter blocks designed for all types of swimming pools.

In the premium range, professionals and individuals have the choice between 3 filter block models and 1 filter wall model. TheGS14 is an ideal filter wall for swimming pools made of polystyrene blocks or concrete blocks. The FB12 is recommended for the construction or renovation of swimming pools larger than 45 m3. Its advantage is that it can be installed on any type of support (wooden panels, shell, concrete, etc.). TheMX18 is a more powerful filter which is suitable for a swimming pool of more than 80m3. For XXL swimming pools (greater than or equal to 110m3),MX25 is recommended.

In the luxury range, fans of swimming against the current will be able to benefit from the advantages provided by the Jet Luxe. Different powers are available for this product to adapt to your needs (a flow rate between 30m3 per hour and 70m3 per hour). Its installation requires no preparation. It is placed directly on the edge of the pool and its very compact format allows it to remain discreet. On the technical side, this Jet Luxe includes a swimming pump, a start button, an air regulation button, a discharge nozzle, a pre-wired electrical terminal block and a safety cover.

Les nécessaires de piscine dont vous avez besoin sont disponibles chez Filtrinov allant des cartouches filtrantes aux pompes en passant par les projecteurs LED pour piscine, les buses de refoulement gros débit orientable ou les volets de Skimmer.