Liner pour piscine bois : octogonale ou rectangulaire

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Is the liner of your wooden swimming pool damaged? It is essential to buy one as soon as possible to continue to guarantee the watertightness of your pool! Our selection ofliners for the swimming pool in wood We have selected replacement liners specially designed for wooden swimming pools from the brands Nortland, Cerland, Waterclip and Sunbay, Ubbink, Vivapool , Azteck....! We advise you to choose from this collection, because this way you will be sure to buy a quality product that adapts perfectly to your pool! In any case, know that we only choose high quality products at the best price, because our goal is to satisfy you!

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Find out more about our collection of liners for wooden swimming pools You know that you need to replace the liner of your wooden swimming pool, but you are hesitating between the different models available to you on our online store? Do not panic ! Our customer service is there to answer all your questions and above all, to advise you! To contact us, simply call 04 11 93 04 06!

How to install an octagonal wooden swimming pool liner?

Here is a video that will help you install your wooden pool liner like a boss! You have all the steps: installation of the hanging rods, installation of the felt, installation of seals on the parts to be sealed, installation of the liner, application of water....

The liner is essential equipment. It guarantees the proper functioning of your swimming pool. And in particular your wooden swimming pool. So your wooden pool liner is damaged? It is essential to buy one as soon as possible to continue to guarantee the watertightness of your pool! Distripool has selected for you a range of replacement liners specially designed for wooden swimming pools from the brandsCerland,Waterclipet Sunbay,Ubbink,Vivapool, or evenAzteck.

Our manufacturers meet high-level quality requirements. It is indeed essential for us to offer you the best. This is technical equipment on which it is important not to compromise. But while respecting your budget.

We have been swimming pool specialists for 33 years. Our expertise extends to all types of equipment and in particular to wooden swimming pool liners.

When purchasing, it is also important to make the right choice regarding the shape of your liner. Whether your wooden swimming pool is octagonal or rectangular, our liner offer will adapt to your needs. Furthermore, you can find the elongated octagonal liner shape for a more specific request.

Depending on the product chosen, you will also have the choice of color. Blue, sand or white, we offer you a wide range of liner. The color of this is an important choice. Whether for an in-ground swimming pool or a wooden swimming pool, the color of the liner contributes to the aesthetics of your pool. For example, a sand color will give your wooden swimming pool emerald water. Ideal for feeling like you're in the tropics.

Our collection of wooden pool liner for your octagonal pool.

It's not just sealing equipment. But an element that will highlight your project. Or in the case of a renewal, changing the liner could be an opportunity to modify the overall result.

Concerned about quality, we also offer liners for your wooden swimming pool lined with a protective varnish. This offer is available upon quote for certain references. Furthermore, be aware that this option increases the lifespan and resistance to hot water in particular. But also better durability against micro-organisms or UV rays. And to conclude on this point, cleaning the water line is greatly facilitated.

The thickness of your liner is also an important selection criterion. For your wooden swimming pool, we offer liners with a thickness of 75/100 on the majority of our range. You ensure a better

This is the guarantee of a liner that lasts over time. And ultimately which preserves your budget. A wooden swimming pool must first of all be a source of pleasure and shared moments of joy. Choosing Distripool quality also means choosing peace of mind. Finally, making an informed choice for your wooden swimming pool liner means ensuring adequate waterproofing. And therefore less water loss or damage to your structure. Here too, these are significant savings over time that should not be overlooked.

In order to guarantee you the best quality of service, we are at your disposal if you have any questions. The expertise of our advisors will allow you to be guided at each step of your choice. Also note that we deliver to you everywhere in France