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The blower is a pump that blows air into the jets of your spa in order to create small bubbles which produce the famous whirlpools of your jacuzzi. In this section, discover our collection of Blowers for spas. At Distripool, we offer different major brands such as: GENESIS, LX, CG air, Air Supply, etc.

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Blower spa LX APW

Blower spa LX APW

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Blower spa CG Air

Blower spa CG Air

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Blower Génésis Hydro-Air

Blower Génésis Hydro-Air

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What is a spa blower?

A blower (“blower” in French) is a pump that blows air into your spa via nozzles specific: aerojets. The air injected into the water then creates small bubbles which form swirls in the water. At stake ? A gentle spa session and an enhanced feeling of relaxation!


How does a blower work?

The blower works like an air booster. It draws air from the room where the spa is located, circulates it in the pipes before sending it, under pressure, into the spa water through small specific nozzles: aerojets. To enjoy a relaxing whirlpool bath, be aware that you must activate the aerojets, because the blower pump does not start. route automatically.

Note: to install a blower pump on your spa, you must think about it from the design stage and choose a model spa equipped with aerojets. Depending on the spa models, the aerojets can be located at the seat level of the spas. seats, in the backrests or even at the bottom of your spa.


Zoom on the venturi effect

Please note, the blower should not be confused with the massage pump which powers the massage nozzles (or hydrojets). Some hydrojets are equipped with a venturi system which allows air to be added to the water jets. That allows you to increase their power and thus benefit from an invigorating massage. The blower does not work in this case.

How to choose the right blower pump?

If you want to install a blower pump to create swirls in the water in your spa, think about it from the design stage of your spa. When choosing your blower, you will need to pay particular attention to the different following elements:

The power of the blower: it must correspond to the number of aerojets to be supplied;
Decibels: the blower is a rather noisy device. Choose models with a low noise level;
The heating system: some blowers are equipped with a heating system. Thus, the air that enters the spa is at the same temperature as the water.