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DARLLY is considered worldwide as one of the largest manufacturers of cartridge filters. A collection of quality cartridges compatible with major spa brands on the market. Cartridge filter at discount price

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To have good water quality in your inflatable spa or spa kit, you must treat the water and install a filtration system. Among those existing on the market, we find the cartridge filter, made up of its filter cartridge.

A cartridge filter for spa: what is it?

A cartridge filter allows you to filter spa water to rid it of all its impurities. Its operation is very simple. The water loaded with impurities is sucked up by the spa's circulation pump. It is then sent to the filter (or filter cartridge) where it is cleaned. Then, the clean water is returned to the spa.


Spa: the advantages and disadvantages of the cartridge filter

The cartridge filter for spas is a very effective filtration system. Its filtration quality is also superior to that of a sand filter. The cartridges have a filtration fineness of 15 to 30 microns. This means that they can block very small particles (from 0.015 to 0.03 millimeters). This type of filter is particularly suitable for spas.

The main disadvantage of the cartridge filter is its maintenance. It must be very regular, because the cartridge gets dirty very quickly. On average, it should be cleaned once a week. Professionals also recommend changing the filter cartridge as soon as it shows signs of wear (on average every year). To clean the cartridge, rinse it with clean water using a jet of water with sufficient pressure to remove impurities. There are also cleaning brushes or specific descaling products.


Spa: how to choose your filter cartridge?

Look at our technical table below. You need to check the outer diameter of the filter, the overall length of the filter, the inner inner diameter to determine the correct model of cartridge filter.

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