How long does it take to heat my pool? :

Let's take an example:

-Volume: 50 m3 swimming pool

- || |1163Climat: Temperate

-Desired temperature: 28°C

-Exposure to wind: low

-Filtration time: 12 h|| |1180

Pour une élévation de température de 13°C, c'est à dire une eau à 15°C pour atteindre 28°C, il faudra 104 heures pour un réchauffeur électrique, 117 heures pour une pompe à chaleur et de 25 à 45 h pour un échangeur de chaleur.

Formula for electric heaters and heat pumps:

There is a formula to calculate the heating time for your water:|| |1188

((Volume de la piscine x différence de température souhaitée) x 1.35)) x 1.05 / Puissance en KW

Let's take an example:

Volume: 30 m3 swimming pool

Climate: Temperate

Desired temperature: 28°C

Température actuelle: 19°C

((30 x 9) x 1.35) x 1.05 / 6 KW = 63 hours or 2.65 days to heat this pool

What is the cost of my swimming pool heating?


Example for 50 m3 swimming pool, temperate zone,from May to September, cover, water at 28°C| ||1223

Ce tableau présente les différents coût en fonction de l'énergie utilisée pour chauffer sa piscine.

Our selection of swimming pool heating  

On distripool, we have selectedpool heaters, but also heat pumps,exchangers|| |1236, et des chauffages fonctionnant à l'énergie solar energy. These heaters all have advantages: it's up to you to choose the one that best suits your pool.

Indeed, first you can choose a heat pump for your pool. This choice is particularly economical over time thanks to its low electricity consumption. With a soft start, for example, you ensure an exceptional lifespan for your swimming pool heat pump.

In the same vein, the reduced sound pressure makes it discreet and quiet equipment. For certain models of heat pumps, you can even adjust it from your smartphone. It is in fact an innovative and economical pool heating equipment. The design also comes to the edge of your pool, because we offer you a range that will be proudly displayed near your swimming area.

You can otherwise choose a pool heater, ideal for an efficient temperature rise. With quick and simple installation, it is heating equipment that respects your budget. Determine the volume of water to heat, then make your choice of power. If you have any questions during your purchase, our team of specialists is at your disposal.

In addition, you can also choose a pool heat exchanger. Suitable for an above ground or buried pool, this heating equipment connects directly to your boiler. This means you can heat your pool quickly and inexpensively. Some even adapt to salt or sea water.

In addition, and depending on the type of heating you have chosen, you can also install a touch control box. It will allow you to quickly and intuitively adjust the temperature of your water. Technology at your fingertips for the pleasure of a swimming pool heated to the right temperature.

Finally, discover our range of solar pool heating. It's more of a backup solution, but obviously it's an excellent, completely free alternative to use. And of course, completely ecological.

Heating for swimming pool

To feel good in your swimming pool, the water must have a temperature of approximately 28° degrees. This is why it is essential to acquire a swimming pool heater: you can heat the water in your pool from May to September for the greatest pleasure of the whole family.


How to choose my heater swimming pool?

To choose your swimming pool heating, you must pay attention to certain criteria. Here are the right questions to ask yourself:

Indoor or outdoor pool? An outdoor pool needs a more powerful installation.

Quel est le volume de votre bassin ? The greater the volume, the more powerful you will need to go for a system.

The geographical location: This parameter is essential only on water pumps. swimming pool heat, in fact they use the energy in the air (calories)! These are in greater numbers at high temperatures. So your place of residence will influence your choice of heat pump power.

When do you want to use your swimming pool?If you want to use your pool from April, you will need more efficient heating than if you want to use it only in July/August....

Do you have access to a cover or a tarpaulin to protect the water in your pond?This accessory keeps the heat in longer. A bubble cover is completely optimal for keeping the water at the right temperature. However, a tarpaulin only maintains the degrees. Enjoy your pool longer in the year by heating your pool with one of our equipment described above.

Distripool has more than 30 years of experience in the world of swimming pools. And we have unrivaled know-how and expertise on all the equipment for your swimming area. Whatever your questions about heating systems for your pool, our team is here to answer you. And we deliver to you everywhere in France. Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground swimming pool, you will inevitably find a solution that suits your needs. As well as all the accessories that go with it.

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