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La douche Solaire So Happy Courbe

The SO Happy Solar Shower is a shower for swimming pools and gardens, designed to be used outdoors, the HAPPY Courbe solar shower is manufactured by the FORMIDRA brand. New Design in 2020.

This very designer curved shower is designed in thermo-plastic resin, elegant and functional, it is available in several colors and finishes like the foot rinse

So Happy solar shower!



So happy solar shower: The features


The So Happy principle and equipment:

The Happy COURBE solar shower, contains a tank with a capacity of 28 liters, the water thus heated naturally by the direct action of the sun is thus available throughout the day and allows you to enjoy a pleasant water temperature. The Happy COURBE Solar Garden Shower is very simple to install, all you need to do is connect it directly to your outdoor tap, wait for the sun to do its natural heating action and all you have to do is enjoy the water hot.

This solar shower is made of high density polyethylene, guaranteed anti-corrosion, as standard the Happy COURBE solar shower is equipped with a shower head, a hot and cold mixer and a foot rinse optional. All showers come with their own fixing systems.

So happy solar shower: New design in 2020:


sol happy

So Happy solar shower detail:

Despite its reduced price, the SO HAPPY solar shower has all the essential accessories for make the most of your shower.

- Adjustable rain shower head.
- Precise mixer.
- Stable widened base
- Foot wash





7 Kg


28 L


216 Cm

Base dimensions

26 x 24 cm


HD polyethylene


2 years

socle so happy