How to properly equip your swimming pool?

Have you installed a swimming pool in your garden? Congratulations, here is the first step in creating your little corner of paradise! However, you will need to equip the swimming pool properly if you hope to benefit from clean and warm water. To do this, discover all our equipment available for heating, security, or even filtration of your swimming pool.

Why is it necessary to properly equip your swimming pool?

If we advise you to pay particular attention to the choice of equipment for your swimming pool, it is because beyond the pool itself, it is the accessories that you will use. endow which will make it an object of relaxation and the ideal place to take a few swims.

Whether it is accessories to keep the pool water clean, to keep it at the right temperature or to protect it in winter, we suggest that you do not skimp on quality chosen products: they are necessary for the proper maintenance of your pool, and it is thanks to them that you can hope to enjoy it for as long as possible.

Obviously, if you buy poor quality parts for the filtration system, you risk quickly finding yourself with equipment that breaks, or with cloudy water which immediately makes you much less inclined to take the plunge The good news is that Distripool offers the best references and at very low prices!

Focus on essential equipment

Depending on your habits, where you live and whether or not you are accustomed to a certain level of comfort and warmth, you will not have the same needs in terms of accessories.

The filtration system

Absolutely essential when you want to take a dip in healthy, clear water, the filtration system is generally installed when the pool is built.

Whether you choose a sand filter, a cartridge filter or a monobloc filter, the important thing is to equip your swimming pool with one or the other of these systems. If it is not, then the greenish frog pond filled with dead leaves is yours - we're hardly exaggerating, but it's to give you an idea!


If some swimming pool owners choose not to heat it (we are thinking in particular of those who live in the South of France), it is said that swimming pools must be at 28°C in order to to be pleasant. If you hope to be able to swim from May to September in water at this temperature, you will definitely need to heat yours

Without the action of an electric heater, ofa heat pump or of aheat exchanger, you may have to wait a little while!

Equipment dedicated to safety

Intended primarily to prevent young children from falling into the water, theautomatic shutters| ||1123 et autres clôtures sont absolument indispensables pour garantir la sécurité aux alentours de votre piscine. Idem pour les alarms, which can be very useful in securing your pool. In short, don’t skimp on safety devices! Moreover, we remind you that equipping your in-ground swimming pool with at least one standardized security system is mandatory.

If you do not have an automatic shutter or shelter to conserve the heat stored by your swimming pool in the summer, you will need to invest in acover in order to to avoid losses during the night. Furthermore, whether or not you have opted for the automatic shutter option, you will need to cover your pool with awinter cover or with a winter cover for the cold months

Suffice it to say that the tarpaulin is also part of the essential equipment!

In short, you will have understood: if they bear the name “accessories”, these pieces of equipment only have accessories in name They are in reality completely necessary for good operation of your swimming pool and guarantees pleasant and safe swimming. Up to you !