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Do you want to buy a swimming pool filtration system? You will find a model adapted to your pool among the Distripool selection. How does a swimming pool filtration pump work? The pump has a very simple operation. It sucks the water from the pool to the filter which rids it of its impurities. when the water is clean, the pump pumps it back into the basin. Obviously, you should not choose your swimming pool filtration pump at random: it is important to choose a device that suits the size of your pool. However, this is not the only criterion to take into account: you must also choose it according to the distance between your swimming pool and its technical room.

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Our collection of swimming pool filtration pumps

What do the filtration pumps you can buy on Distripool have in common? They are all of very good quality. You will have the choice between the biggest brands such as Kripsol, Hayward and Star-rite. If you have a small budget, you can also opt for a 1st price Distripool filtration system: quality at a low price! Contact our customer service to learn more about our collection of filtration pumps.

The pump is the heart of your filtration installation.

It is this which sucks the water from the pool and delivers it back to the pool once filtered, and possibly a heating device and/or a treatment and disinfection device.

La Pompe: constitution:

An electric pump is made up of 3 main parts:

A pre-filter, which prevents large impurities such as leaves and twigs from passing through and damaging the turbine.
A centrifugal turbine, which accelerates the passage of the fluid passing through it (the water in your swimming pool in this case), by communicating a rotational movement, or hydraulic power.
From an electric motor, it is this which provides the electrical impulse in order to rotate the turbine thanks to the rotor.


The Pump: operation

The capacity of a pump is expressed in m³/hours or liters/minutes. This is the flow rate of the pump, we will then distinguish between the nominal flow rate and the actual flow rate. Manufacturers express the power of a pump more in horsepower: CV. The choice of your pump will be based on the volume of your pool and the recycling time. The recycling time is the time which corresponds so that the entire volume of your pool passes through the water treatment installation (filter and treatment or heating accessories) For a family pool, a recycling time of 4 to 5 hours should be applied. The actual flow rate of the pump is therefore obtained by dividing the volume of the pool by the recycling time which will be expressed in m³/hours. The operating time of the pump is therefore of your complete filtration system, will depend on the temperature of the water in your pool which will be divided by 2, also for pool water at 26°C, 26 / 2 = 13. The pump, as well as the complete filtration system, will operate uninterrupted for 13 hours during the day. The

Pump: characteristics

A pump is therefore characterized by a nominal flow rate, i.e. the maximum possible flow rate, and its real flow rate, i.e. the final flow rate which will be depending on the pressure losses in the installation.

We can consider that as soon as it leaves the pump, the water flow will encounter a series of obstacles that it will have to pass to reach the pool, these obstacles slow down the nominal flow.

These obstacles are the filter, the valves, the hydraulic connections, the pipes and any element placed on the filtration circuit. Thus the water column height or HCE in meters is the transposition of a back pressure value into the corresponding water column height. So that a pump with a nominal flow rate of 18 m³/h without any pressure losses will have a lower real flow rate, resulting from the inevitable pressure losses linked to the hydraulic installation.

The choice of pump will be made by studying its pressure curve which will allow the real flow rate and the pressure loss to be adjusted. As a general rule, you choose your pump with an average pressure loss value of 10 m of HCE.

Manometric curve and pressure losses:


How to calibrate your swimming pool filtration:

The classic filtration system is extremely efficient formidable for the filtration quality of your swimming pool. But be careful to follow certain precautions for installation:

Calibration of the filtration pump

You must provide your filtration system so that it filters your entire pool in 4 to 5. So for example, if your swimming pool is 56 m³ your pump must be able to suck up these 56 m³ in 4 hours.

So your pump must have a minimum power of: 56 / 4 = 14 m³/hour.

Pump manufacturers always give indications of power in CV but also in m³/hour, this will therefore be one of the criteria choice of your pump.

Nevertheless, do not hesitate to oversize your pump, it is better to filter your pool in 4 to 5 hours than in 8 hours.

Filter calibration

You will need to choose your filter that matches your pump. The idea is this:

Your filter must have the same power (or greater) than your pump. Indeed, imagine that you have a filtration pump 10 m³/hour, if you take a filter with less power, example of 8 m³/hour, this will end up in "overspeed" and will not will be able to ensure optimal quality filtration, in addition to poor quality of filtration, it is a strong bet that filter will experience damage to the strainers, and even the filter, small lesions or even cracks in extreme cases. In this case you will need choose a filter with a filtration power of at least 10 m³/hour.

Please note that the pump/filter pair should not be chosen randomly. which way, the slower the water passes through the filter and the better impurities will have time to be retained by the filter mass. Ideally, if you want to filter a 56 m³ pool of water in 4 hours, you will need to choose a filtration pump of 14 m³/hour and a 16 m³/hour filter.

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The importance of good filtration with a swimming pool pump at the best price

Filtration is what allows you to enjoy a healthy and clean swimming pool. It ensures water clarity by eliminating impurities and prevents the proliferation of algae and bacteria. An efficient swimming pool pump is therefore essential to maintain crystal clear water that is pleasant for swimming.

Although this element is essential to the functioning of your swimming pool, the fact remains that it must remain accessible. At Distripool, we have selected different models of swimming pool pumps starting from 129 euros.

You will also find models of swimming pool pumps meeting the different needs of swimming pool owners. From the simplest to the most sophisticated, you will inevitably find the ideal pool pump at the best price on our site.

Criteria for choosing a swimming pool pump

● Flow rate and power: The flow rate, expressed in m³/h, indicates the quantity of water that the pool pump can treat in one hour. It is crucial to choose a pump adapted to the volume of your pool. An undersized pump will not filter water effectively, while an oversized pump will use more energy without providing additional benefits.

● Energy efficiency: An energy-efficient pool pump will help you save money on your electricity bills while reducing your carbon footprint.

● Noise level: A quiet pool pump is preferable, especially if your pool is close to rest or relaxation areas.

● Ease of maintenance: Opt for a pool pump whose parts are easily accessible for regular cleaning and maintenance.

The compatibility of your pool pump with the filtration system

It is essential to ensure that the pump is compatible with the rest of your filtration system, including the filter. A pump that is too powerful for a given filter can damage the filter, while a pump that is too weak will not allow the filter to perform to its full potential.

When in doubt, remember that our team of experts is at your disposal to answer all your questions regarding the choice of your swimming pool pump. Durability and warranty for your pool pump Investing in a quality, robust and durable swimming pool pump is essential. Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer, which is often a good indicator of how confident they are in their product.

All our swimming pool pump models are renowned for their reliability. Some are guaranteed for 2 years and others for 5 years, always with Distripool's professional and responsive after-sales service.

Find the pool pump you need at Distripool

The swimming pool pump is a central element of your swimming pool. It guarantees the cleanliness and quality of the water, thus contributing to your well-being and health. At Distripool, we understand the importance of this equipment and are committed to providing you with the highest quality pool pumps, tailored to your needs and budget. Our experts are at your disposal to guide you in your choice and ensure many swimming seasons with complete peace of mind.