Bâche à bulles pour piscine hors sol

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In this section discover our collection of bubble covers for above ground pool. An accessory essential to prevent water evaporation during the day and heat loss at night. We we sell compatible bubble covers for the biggest brands of above-ground swimming pools: GRE, INTEX, BESTWAY, UBBINK, SUNBAY Please note: our products can be delivered within 72 hours depending on the model.

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Why use a bubble cover for your above ground pool?

A bubble cover (also called an isothermal cover or summer cover) is an accessory essential if you have an above ground swimming pool. In fact, this tarpaulin composed of a smooth side and on one side with bubbles allows you to:

- Keep the water at the right temperature: the bubbles serve as thermal insulation and allow limit heat loss during the night. Did you know ? On average, we see 1 to 2° C of heat loss with a bubble cover, compared to 4 to 5°C when the pool is discovery;  Limit water evaporation: without a cover, the water will evaporate and you must fill your pool to compensate for losses. So, when the pool is not used during the day, cover it;
- Keep the water clean: when it is covered, dirt cannot settle in your pool. pool.

How to choose a bubble cover for above ground swimming pool?

For your bubble cover to be effective, it must correspond to the shape and dimensions of your pool. What size to choose? So, size-wise, you can choose between:

- A “standard” tarpaulin (rectangular, 8 x 4 m, 7 x 3 m, 9 x 4 m, etc.);
- A cover compatible with the brand of your swimming pool;
- A tailor-made tarpaulin (price per m2).

At Distripool, we have a wide choice of bubble covers (standard size - round or rectangular for example -, models by brand or tailor-made models). What thickness to choose? The thickness of your bubble cover is an important criterion. The thicker it is, the stronger it will be and persistent. Too thin, it will allow heat gain to escape and its lifespan will be shorter. THE Thicknesses are expressed in microns, models range from 180 to 500 microns.