Customized pool liner

La touche finale de votre piscine ? Le liner que vous allez devoir installer sur les parois. Cet élément est tout simplement incontournable. C'est en effet lui qui assure l'étanchéité ainsi que l'aspect esthétique de votre bassin. Au delà d'empêcher tout fuite d'eau, il changera l'ambiance et l'harmonie de votre espace. Agréable au regard, simple à installer, solide et durable dans le temps, nous vous proposons les meilleurs liners en France. Notre expertise de 33 ans est sans pareil. Distripool est le leader en France de la vente de liners pour piscines. Profitez de notre compétence et de nos produits sélectionnés avec soin en préservant votre budget.

What is a swimming pool liner?

The liner is simply sheets of PVC which are welded together. The technique used gives them flexibility and flexibility to adapt to all dimensions. You should choose this item carefully. If it is thick and of good quality, you will not have to change it for 10 or 15 years. Provided, of course, that you maintain it regularly.

If a few years ago you could only buy classic blue liner, now you have a much wider choice. The pool liner has become a real aesthetic asset for your pool, it is no longer just practical!

And this is valid for any type of pool. In our store, we provide you with these waterproofing envelopes for above-ground, wooden, metal or in-ground swimming pools.

Water colors of our swimming pool liners!

Let’s first talk about the choice of colors. At Distripool we offer you a wide range of swimming pool liners, whether your pool is buried or above ground. You will find liners in original and more classic colors. White and blue are classic colors, for a very aesthetic look. The water in your swimming pool will seem like an ocean with Bleu France for example. If you want a more crystalline effect, white will be a great option. We nevertheless recommend an additional frieze so that the water line is not too messy.

If you want a more original shade, choose for example a Caribbean green. A light emerald green, the water in your pool will remind you of the lagoons of the southern hemisphere. If you want a deeper shade, choose a sand liner for your swimming area. In any case, these liners will give you satisfaction and will integrate perfectly to your garden. And what a pleasure to swim in the waters of the South Seas while staying at home.

If you want a varnish liner, you will have even more choices. First, some details on what a varnish liner is. It is even more solid waterproofing equipment than a classic liner. Easier to maintain, it is resistant to UV and Ph variations. In fact, an additional protective layer is applied for even more durability over time. This is why we guarantee these models for 10 years. We are certain of their quality.

In addition, in this range you will have even more choice in colors. Your pool liner then becomes a truly harmonious and visually pleasing piece of equipment. Original and totally contemporary, the pearly or mosaic-effect liners will make your bathing space an everyday pleasure. And will fit perfectly into your exterior. Whether you are looking for an urban, exotic, or simply natural effect, you will find what you are looking for in our specialized online store.

We now even offer you a unique range of liner which gives a textured appearance like noble rock. Marble, granite, sandstone, discover this incredible liner offer so that your swimming pool is like no other. You can discover this type of waterproofing equipment in the range of reinforced liners. These products are the strongest on the market with thicknesses well above conventional standards.

Are you looking for a frieze for your liner? You can choose between a weld-on frieze and a self-adhesive frieze. Whether your goal is decorative or to renovate your pool, different colors and patterns are available. Installing a self-adhesive frieze is particularly simple. It gives new life to your liner and a new shine to your pool. You can also apply one to hide imperfections. In any case, it is an elegant and original addition to your PVC canvas.

And if you have any questions about the final result, our team is at your disposal to answer your questions.

In addition, note that most of these liner colors are available to measure. We have also developed a simulator that allows you to order easily and simply. Ordering a custom liner has never been easier. And if you have a above ground swimming pool or a wooden swimming pool, you will only have to indicate the model of your pool.

Liner thickness for swimming pool

Now let's talk about the thickness of your liner. This is important information for your purchase. We offer liners for above-ground, wooden, metal or in-ground swimming pools of different thicknesses. 75/100th is the most common standard. Resistant over time, it ensures you have long-lasting equipment. You can also find varnished liners with a thickness of 85/100th. These standards are valid for heavily used swimming areas or for families with children. Indeed, toddlers' games can sometimes compromise the integrity of your liner. For a pool used less often and especially for above ground pools, you can use a thinner liner. Conversely, reinforced liners benefit from a thickness of 150/100th. In addition to a very high-end aesthetic, they are the strongest and most durable.

As you have understood, the color of your liner is an important element in your choice. Whether plain or printed, varnished on 1 or 2 sides, or reinforced, the price is of course also an essential criterion. Please note that we comply with the AFNOR standard. Buying your liner at a low price should not be the reason for compromising on quality. Also, our manufacturers meet extremely precise and demanding specifications.

Changing your pool liner can be an aesthetic choice, or a necessity if it is damaged. Maintenance is important, however it sometimes happens, after years of good and loyal service, that you have to do another one. No worries, we will guide you through each step of your purchase. But also afterwards with our customer service and our order tracking.

Maintaining your swimming pool liner

To keep it in good condition for a long time or to correct certain inconveniences, we can mention certain important elements. First of all, controlling the Ph is important. And therefore the quality of the water and the filtration system. Stains may appear at the bottom of the pool, for example. Or the water line may be marked by micro algae or limescale. It is also important to clean it regularly. Check your Ph regularly, or filter debris and other impurities using a robot or vacuum cleaner. It is also important to use quality cleaning products. Discolorations may occur if you use non-compliant products. And there is no cure in this case.

The same applies in the event of more or less significant wrinkles around the drain or the parts to be sealed. In order not to experience this phenomenon, it is very important to carefully monitor the water quality in your pond. And of correctly install your PVC envelope. In fact, water can seep between the membrane and the liner. This causes long folds, usually at the bottom of the pelvis. Other events can cause these events, such as very heavy rain or a leak on the coating. It will then be necessary to reinstall your liner after emptying your pool.

Finally, if you have a question about a swimming pool liner that may experience an unknown event, our advisors are at your disposal to guide you and direct you to find the best solution.

We can also advise you on the binding to use. If you have an in-ground pool, we offer HUNG fixings. If you have an above ground pool, you will use an OVERLAP system. Very easy to install, it adapts to many models

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