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Filtration is an essential element for a healthy swimming pool and quality water. In fact, your swimming area must be filtered regularly. And precisely to prevent the water from deteriorating. A filtration group, or an integrated filter block ensures that micro algae do not develop in particular. In addition, it makes it possible to automatically and effortlessly remove small foreign bodies.

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Filtration block: A solution to simplify your swimming pool construction site

In addition, the choice of the power of your filter block or filtration system is based on the volume of water in your swimming pool expressed in m3. It is important to know this figure to make the right choice when purchasing. And thus have the right equipment for certain comfort.

Installing all the filtration equipment for your swimming pool can sometimes be complex. In fact, you need to install a pump, a filter, or even the piping without forgetting the technical room which can be bulky. If you are handy or have time, this is not an obstacle. You will get good results with our filtration systems.

In other cases, a one-piece filtration system may be an ideal choice. With our experience of more than 30 years, we have implemented solutions to make your life easier. You will find integrated filter blocks in our range which will allow you an optimal and simple installation. Always with a high level of quality and guarantees.

Monoblock filtration: factory fitted and complete the in-ground swimming pool pipes

First, you should know that a complete filter block replaces the pipe network in a single block, the filter, the pump and the technical room of traditional installations. It consists of a complete block of a filter (most often with cartridges for 3 to 5 micron filtration), a pump, a skimmer and a delivery system. The compact filtration unit is placed at the level of the coping, partly submerged below the water level. As this system is “offboard”, it can be added to the pool even after its construction. Or in the case of a renovation.

If we go into detail you will first be able to find in the catalog of our online store a completely ecological and silent model. This very innovative filter block allows you to considerably reduce your electricity bill. It consumes up to 5 times less. Made in France, we offer it to you exclusively. No technical room is necessary, you can put it directly in the backfill. Furthermore, it allows for extremely simple installation, without valves or connecting pipes.

Then, a submerged filter block could be an excellent alternative. To be installed at the edge of the pool, it connects directly to your pool's filtration system if you purchase the submerged block alone. Everything is integrated. Skimmer, delivery nozzles, projector, broom socket and bottom suction. And this for a low price. In short, an all-in-one filter block, and not expensive. In addition to the type of equipment, you can benefit from additional sand filtration with a compact system. No pipes sensitive to temperature variations for example. Here too, no unsightly technical rooms. Because everything is included in this economical and ingenious filter block. And you can optionally add a Ph regulator or a salt electrolyzer. The sand filter tank has a 3-year warranty, and the pump 2 years. Water mixing is optimal with this single-block filtration.

An integrated single-block filtration unit must be simple to fit perfectly into the contours of your swimming pool. Filtrinov groups, for example, can be effective up to 80 m3. Here too the entire system is already in place in a small piece of equipment. Ready to install and operate. It fits perfectly even if you have safety equipment like a safety shutter or a tarpaulin with bars. For polystyrene-based swimming pools, we also offer a particularly economical filter wall. It is discreetly housed in the walls of your swimming pool and is already ready to be installed. A real strong ally if you have no knowledge of plumbing.

In addition, if you wish to purchase a more classic group but with the advantages of a single block group, choose our Distri-Box. This complete kit is directly assembled in the factory. It arrives at home ready for use. No constraints, only comfort and simplicity. Delivery is also free everywhere in France. Finally, you will find on our site a set of spare parts for your single block filtration system. If you need to replace a pump, a filter cartridge, or even a delivery nozzle, you will find everything you need on And if you need advice when purchasing parts or an integrated filter block, our team is here to answer you.

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