régulateur pour le ph et le chlore de votre eau.

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An automatic pH regulator ideally completes the installation: it is a dosing pump with a pH probe which directly analyzes the pH of your swimming pool water and injects pH minus or pH plus,
depending on the nature of your water, in order to maintain the pH of your water at a determined value permanently and in a stable manner.

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Doseur chlore / brome

Chlorine / bromine doser

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Astralpool Ph probe

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TECHNI BROME bromine doser

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Regulator - micro PH dosing pump

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Régulateur piscine chlore ZODIAC : GenChlore - Zodiac

ZODIAC chlorine pool regulator: GenChlore

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Pool Ph regulator: Zodiac - Hayward - Astralpool

Indeed, the quality of your water is an essential factor for a healthy and pleasant swimming pool. pH is an indicator of water acidity, which must be adjusted regularly. It can vary depending on many parameters such as the intensity of use of the pool, the outside temperature or the quality of the maintenance products. Heavy rain can also make your swimming area more acidic. Water that is too acidic or too alkaline can lead to cloudy water, the development of bacteria or irritation to the skin and eyes.

Furthermore, a swimming pool with a poor pH balance will lead to more rapid deterioration of the filtration equipment, or its coating. Liners are particularly sensitive to too high or too low pH. Not to mention the traces of algae or limescale that this can cause on the water line. With the cleaning difficulties that we have all experienced at least once.

To rebalance your pH, there are several methods. First you need to test it once a week. If you do it manually, the measurement is not very accurate. Depending on the result, you will have to add pH + or pH - products. These products are effective if we take care of their quality. But adding a precise quantity is sometimes difficult and uncertain. In addition, these products are irritating to the skin. And all this takes up your time, to the detriment of the pleasure and comfort that your pool can bring you, above ground or buried. In addition, if you are going on vacation and you cannot do your check within a week, finding the correct pH can be long and tedious.

This is why apH regulator is an excellent addition to your pool. Practical, it allows you to save time and increase precision in your balancing. With a precise probe, it analyzes the quality of the water then your regulator will itself inject a balanced dose of product without risk of overdosing.

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The regulation of pH is an essential element as we have just seen. But it's not the only one. Regulating and balancing the dosage of the purifying product is also an important subject for your swimming pool. Indeed, if your chlorine or bromine is not in sufficient quantity, your water can deteriorate quickly. Like pH, it is essential to regularly test the proportions of chlorine or bromine. This is a tedious and sometimes unpredictable task if you don't use the right equipment.

Thus, achlorine regulator is equipment for your swimming pool that will bring you comfort and peace of mind. For bromine you can benefit from a partially automated solution with a tank which slowly diffuses the product for several weeks of peace of mind. An automated Ph or chlorine regulator will allow you to have quality water without any action on your part.

Maintenance and wintering PH dosing pump

Maintenance or winterization of the chlorine or pH regulator for your swimming pool is essential for its proper functioning and durability over time. At Distripool, we offer you quality products that we are certain will bring you satisfaction. Furthermore, when you purchase a regulator for your swimming pool, you benefit from a complete kit (excluding liquid products and cans). However, special attention should be paid to your automatic control equipment.

When wintering for example, you must first run the system with clean water. As for the probe, you will need to set it aside securely in a glass of water or in its original bottle. You should never leave the end of the probe dry.

You may need to calibrate your probe from time to time. When restarting after winter in particular, it will be important to carry out a new calibration. For this, we offer you the necessary pack on our online store.

How to install your PH regulator

Your pH and chlorine regulator is easy to install. It must be positioned on a flat vertical surface, in your technical room. It easily connects to your water circulation, after the pump and filtration system. Be careful to respect a maximum distance of 60 cm between the probe and the product injection point. Also pay attention to the power supply system which must not pass in the same place as the power supply to your pump. In fact, this could cause disruptions to the electrical circuit.

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