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You dream of a swimming pool in your garden and would like to treat yourself to a pool that is both aesthetic and original, which will not look like not at your neighbor's swimming pool? So bet on the swimming pool with rubber beach! But what is it about? The swimming pool with beach was created a few years ago, and it has been a real success. It offers a little corner of paradise in your garden without needing to break the bank.

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Kit piscine avec plage en caoutchouc PREMIUM

Pool kit with PREMIUM rubber deck

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piscine avec plage en caoutchouc LUXE

pool with LUXE rubber deck

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Our swimming pool kits with deck

Distripool, specialist in swimming pool kits, offers swimming pool kits with recycled rubber deck, also called swimming pools with submerged deck or Californian swimming pools. You can set your sights on our 100% complete kits (excluding earthworks) of 50, 100 or 150m², or choose to order a tailor-made kit to obtain a truly unique swimming pool whose size and shape you decide. The kits contain felt, EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene monomer) waterproofing sheet, undercoat of rubber granules, parts to be sealed, hydraulic pipes and fittings, and technical room.

The design of swimming pools with rubber deck

The rubber granules used to design the underlay of these basins are made from waste truck tires. This type of covering is often used in playgrounds and on synthetic sports fields. The topcoat is made with an EPDM rubber compound, a specialized pigment and UV stabilizers to prevent fading. This finishing coat can be in the color of your choice from around 15 colors. EPDM granules are made from EPDM rubber waste, mainly from the automotive sector and crushed at room temperature.

A swimming pool with rubber deck, how much does it cost?

For a swimming pool with a beach of 50 to 150m², count on a budget of between 6,500 and 27,000 euros. If you choose to have a swimming pool with rubber deck made as a custom kit, the price will vary depending on its size and the accessories you wish to add. Do you have limited space and/or a small budget to install your swimming pool?

kit piscine plage en caoutchouc