Spa heater: BALBOA and LX PUMP brands

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The spa heater is essential equipment because it allows you to heat the water in your hot tub and to keep it at the right temperature. In this section, discover many models of efficient electric heaters. Among the major brands available on our site, find: LX, BALBOA, GECKO, BALBOA etc.

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What is a spa heater?

The electric heater is a piece of equipment that allows you to heat the water in your spa. It is even essential for maintaining the water at the right temperature and for using your spa outdoors.

How does a spa heater work?

The operation of this heating system is very simple: the spa water passes through the heater and is heated using electrical resistances.

To install a heater, simply plug it into the electrical network and connect it to the circulation pump. When the pump is running, it draws water, sends it to the filter and then passes it through the heater before reinjecting it clean and hot into your spa.

The advantage of an electric heater is how quickly it heats your spa water. You will therefore be able to quickly benefit from it. On the other hand, it is a fairly energy-intensive heating system. Therefore, if you use your spa regularly, it is advisable to run the heater continuously to maintain the water at an ideal temperature, rather than using it at maximum power to heat the water all at once. your spa every time you use it.

How to choose your spa heater?

To choose your spa heater, you must pay particular attention to the power of the resistance. This must be adapted to the size and water volume of your spa. The power of the resistor is expressed in kW. The higher it is, the faster it will heat up, but the more electricity it will consume.

At Distripool, we can help you find the most suitable electric heater for your spa. Do not hesitate to contact our team. Finally, to choose your heater carefully, also remember to check the compatibility of your spa with the device (especially in terms of connections). Little tip: to prevent the water in your spa from experiencing large temperature variations, use a protective cover. This will also allow you to reduce your electricity bill.

If you require additional information on spa heaters or any other spa equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are at your disposal to answer your requests