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There are not only covers to protect outdoor swimming pools. It is also possible to have a shelter built, which is both solid and practical. Why choose a DIY swimming pool enclosure? Do you want to integrate a swimming pool enclosure into your pool? This is a very good idea, because it is an asset for maintenance and safety. But it also allows you to continue swimming when the external conditions are not optimal. Please note: you do not have to call on a professional to install a swimming pool enclosure. There are much more economical kits, although obviously you need to be at least handy to make this choice

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Our selection of swimming pool enclosures in kit form! On our website, we have selected very good quality kit swimming pool enclosures at an unbeatable price. If you have any questions about our products, we invite you to contact the Distripool team: we know our offer perfectly, so we can advise you on a shelter that is perfectly suited to your pool. We are available on 04 11 93 04 06!

The advantages of our above ground swimming pool enclosures

Purchasing an enclosure for your swimming pool is a real advantage in many respects. In Indeed, a shelter for your pond whatever its shape is perfectly adapted to your pond. For, first of all,security. A shelter is indeed a real reliable piece of equipment for avoid any accidents. A swimming pool must be supervised. Particularly with the presence of young people children or animals. But you can't always be on surveillance. That's why that safety equipment is required, and the swimming pool enclosure is an excellent choice. It is important note that regulations require in France today at least one piece of equipment forbasin security. And all of our flat, mid-high, high, sliding or fixed swimming pool enclosures comply with the NF-P90-309 standard.

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Then, it is also a real ally for keeping the water temperature at a pleasant level. Enjoying your pool can sometimes be complicated in case of winds or cool weather. And an ideal temperature is necessary for your family to make the most of your swimming area. By purchasing a swimming pool enclosure, you keep the heat, and you don't have to no need for an additional tarpaulin.

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And as with the cover, it keeps your water clean. Protected from leaves and impurities, this is a real time saver for you because there is less need for cleaning. And you also protect your filtration group by limiting foreign bodies in the pool. In In addition to the comfort it brings, it also reduces chemical treatments. Indeed, your pool is less exposed. And so the microorganisms grow more slowly. By using fewer chemicals, you spend less. You also protect the skin of the little ones from excess chlorine. And it is of course more virtuous for the environment.

You will have understood this through these few points. A swimming pool shelter has a number advantages and in particular that of extending the swimming season, and therefore the pleasure of all. Particularly with a high swimming pool shelter, which will allow swimming all year round. Finally, this significantly increases the value of the pool if you wish to one day sell your home

The different types of shelters: Sliding - telescopic, removable or fixed

There are different types of shelters swimming pool. In the range that we have selected for you will inevitably find a shelter compatible with your project. Sliding, removable, fixed, make your choice directly on our online store or with our team of specialists.

Sliding shelters

First the sliding, or telescopic, shelter easily adapts to your pool. We are in able to offer you this type of shelter whatever the size of your swimming space. Available for certain models in three heights, it is adaptable even to large widths. Easy to use, the different elements of a telescopic shelter slide easily. And this until your pool is completely free to enjoy space to the maximum.

In this range, also find ourmid high telescopic shelter which can be opened using the center or in a classic way. You will be able to bathe without having to open it completely. In addition to being a reliable element of protection, the panels are made of Safety glass or polycarbonate for total security.

This type of shelter can be under warranty for up to 10 years, and we offer installation anywhere in France if necessary. It is indeed a tailor-made product, we support you in the entirety of your project. It should also be noted that installing a sliding swimming pool shelter does not requires no building permit or any special procedure.


Removable shelters

Removable swimming pool shelters have a certain number of advantages. From a total discretion, particularly for the flat shelter model, its certain maneuverability allows you to bathe quickly. You can retract it completely or simply raise one sign to access the water. To complement this, please note that it is possible to purchase a system mounted on a floor rail, or simply on casters for even greater ease. Furthermore, the 8 mm polycarbonate panels are a guarantee of quality and solidity.

Fixed shelters

Finally a fixed shelter can also be suitable for your nautical space. With panels independent and without rails, installation is simple and access to water is very easy.


What type of shelter structure to choose? low, semi-high or high?

When purchasing your swimming pool enclosure, you will have to choose the type of structure of this equipment. Distripool.fr and its DistriCover range offer you flat, mid-high or high.

Each type of structure has its advantages.

Low swimming pool shelter

A low swimming pool shelter is a reference in the range of shelters for your nautical space. They are indeed best sellers in this world of pond equipment, whatever your model. Generally mounted on sliding rails, they are easy to handle. You can also take a bath without removing it completely. The limited height of a flat shelter is quite effectively sufficient to enjoy your swimming pool easily. Discreet and resistant, it offers a long lifespan and perfect harmony with your outdoor environment. And it's an excellent compromise between protecting your swimming area and respecting your budget.



flat swimming pool enclosure

With aflat swimming pool enclosure, it's first a total discretion offered to you. Their sober and elegant designs integrate harmoniously to your exterior. Powder-coated aluminum profiles are ultra resistant in particular to UV and various manipulations or constraints. And with a color modern gray, you add a light and refined touch to your ensemble.

Mid-high swimming pool shelter

Amid-high swimming pool shelter is a perfect compromise. Between discretion and swimming pleasure. He allows in fact a discreet structure but also a possibility of enjoying your pool without completely discovering the whole. This way you retain heat and access to water quickly.


High Shelter

Finallythe high shelterfor your swimming pool allows you to swim without having to remove your equipment. With for example an easy and central opening, you can bathe even in the cold season. And enjoy the view from your garden without being cold or exposed to the wind.

How to choose the right size shelter for your swimming pool?

Choosing and installing your swimming pool enclosure is simple. To make your choice of size in particular we support you throughout your purchase. First, know that it is important to take into account the correct dimensions. To do this, take the interior length if you don't have any coping. Or if they are not elevated. In the event of the presence of copings, take the exterior dimensions, copings included. Furthermore add to minimum 10 cm at this length for optimal installation.

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As for the width, the same goes for the length. Allow for a margin also 10 cm compared to your type of coping.

If you have any questions about how to choose the right size for your swimming pool enclosure, don't hesitate do not contact us. Our advisors will support you throughout the definition of your project. So, whether you are looking for a shelter for your above-ground or in-ground swimming pool, a shelter fixed or sliding high or flat, we are at your disposal, advice on the installation of this high quality tailor-made product.