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The Stan Up Paddle (SUP) is a nautical practice which has greatly developed since a few years. This complete sport is accessible to all and with no age limit. To try the experience, all you need is a board and a paddle. So you find on our site the most efficient inflatable paddles: there is something for everyone, for all practices and all levels

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The stand up paddle brand ZRay

Thanks to the exceptional quality of its products, Zray has established itself on the paddle market inflatable to become one of the leading brands on the market. With a complete range, you will inevitably find a board that meets your needs and to your profile:
- The X-Rider range: perfect boards for beginners in optimal conditions.
- The Atoll range for intensive use: a double-layer construction for maximum strength.
- The Fury range for limitless exploration: a double-chamber construction gives you allows you to maintain buoyancy in the event of a puncture of one of them.
- The Snapper range: boards suitable for use in rivers and in rough water.
- The R-Line range for limitless speed!
- The W-Line range: offers versatile boards that can be transformed into a board sailing !
- The Super range for group SUP pleasures! The plus of the brand: most of the boards are convertible into kayaks with seats available as an option

How to choose your paddle?

It is possible to practice many different activities with a paddle: walking, racing, surfing in the waves, down the river There are specialized boards in each area. However, if you want to be able to do a little bit of everything, the ideal is to turn to a versatile board.

- What length? The length determines the maneuverability of your paddle. So, a board short will be more suitable for practice in the waves while a long board will be ideal for walks.
- What width? It is recommended to use a wide board for more stability for the walks for example and a narrower board for practices that require speed.
- What thickness? The thinnest board will be suitable for the lightest sizes and Conversely.