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Polyester shell swimming pool with assisted filtration kit

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At Distripool, we offer you a wide choice of polyester shell swimming pools, in standard but also original shapes . The star material of shell swimming pools, polyester offers many advantages (in addition to an unbeatable price). First of all, it is 17 times more resistant than concrete and its deterioration is almost zero. Moreover, the manufacturing of the basins benefits from a 10-year guarantee. Also, the polyester shells of the swimming pools are made in one piece. This reinforces their robustness and waterproofing. A very resistant swimming pool at a lower cost, this is the credo of polyester shell swimming pools. Another, non-negligible advantage of this type of pool: warmer water than in a traditional concrete pool, by an additional 3 to 5°C.

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Spa en polyester à débordement

Polyester overflow spa

from: 1,769.00
Mini piscine en coque TROIE 35

Mini shell pool TROIE 35

from: 5,029.00
Piscine polyester ROME

ROME polyester pool

from: 5,788.00
Piscine polyester NAPLES

Polyester swimming pool NAPLES

from: 6,469.00
Piscine en coque haricot Pompéi

Pompeii bean shell pool

from: 6,765.00
Piscine coque La plagne

Hull swimming pool La plagne

from: 7,049.00
Piscine en coque TROIE 6 : 5.95 x 3.20 m

Troy 6 shell swimming pool: 5.95 x 3.20 m

  • 5/5
1 review
from: 7,929.00
Piscine en coque écologique

Ecological shell swimming pool

from: 8,539.00
Piscine en polyester TROIE 8

Polyester swimming pool TROIE 8

from: 12,083.00
Piscine en coque BYZANCE 8

BYZANCE shell pool 8

from: 12 184.00
Piscine en coque BYZANCE 10

BYZANCE shell swimming pool 10

from: 13,855.00
Piscine coque MENPHIS 1 + Kit SPA

MENPHIS 1 shell pool + SPA kit

from: 17 292,00
Kit piscine polyester SPARTE 11

SPARTE 11 polyester pool kit

from: 16 355,00

The guide to the polyester shell swimming pool: DISTRI-BOX

Our production of swimming pools in polyester continually adapts to current trends in the polyester hull market, offering unique innovations. Our catalog currently includes more than 25 models, different in size and design, to precisely meet all your requirements. .

collection piscine en coque

collection piscine en coque 2

With more than 20 years of experience, our swimming pools embody know-how in constant improvement. Our rigorous manufacturing process, combined with careful selection of our raw material suppliers, results in the exceptional quality of our swimming pools.

25 ans experience coque garantie 10 ans

Unique, the specialist in polyester swimming pools is constantly evolving to integrate all the advances in the polyester shell sector, and offers you innovations that really make the difference.
We offer more than 25 different models, available in various dimensions and shapes to adapt to every need.
In addition, our factory has an in-house laboratory to carry out aging tests on the basins manufactured and strict quality control is carried out at all stages of manufacturing. At distripool, your safety is taken into account thanks to a ten-year capitalization guarantee covered by French insurance, in accordance with French legislation: in fact, this requires a ten-year guarantee for all manufacturers of polyester hulls.

banniere piscine coque

The advantages of a DISTRI-BOX shell swimming pool

High quality standard equipment: Standard sealing parts kit:

Our swimming pools are supplied with standard equipment including skimmer cutting factory prepared (the skimmer itself is delivered separately to avoid damage during transport), a nozzle kit already installed in the pool, and a set of white LEDs which will equip the projector. You can also opt for the LUXURY KIT, which includes the same elements as the formula standard, but with additional advantages: you will find all the details of this option below. And you still benefit from our exclusive advantages: anti-leak system, diapers isothermal and anti-osmosis, applicable to both standard and LUXE KIT formulas.

equipement standard coque polyester

systeme anti fuite coque

Innovation in leak prevention

Our manufacturing technique incorporates a unique method for preparing fittings : they are formed directly on the mold. This innovative approach eliminates the need for pierce the shells at the nozzles, thus considerably reducing the risk of leaks. Coating these connections, successive layers of resin and fiberglass guarantee a perfect seal. This exclusive and patented process represents a major advance in our manufacturing.

High-performance thermal insulation.

Thanks to the application of a layer of dense polyurethane insulation, our swimming pools benefit from a passive increase in water temperature of up to 5ºC. This insulation not only helps reduce heating costs, but also reinforces also the robustness of the hull. However, factors such as climate, geographic location, size and type of swimming pool cover can of course influence the effectiveness of this insulation


Quality of materials and structure.

During the construction of our swimming pools, emphasis is placed on the use of first choice raw materials, with strict quality control. Our processes include the addition of a specific layer of Barriercoat, acting as an effective barrier against osmosis. In addition, the composition of our swimming pools is based on a careful superposition of different layers, thus ensuring durability and resistance.

structure piscine en coque principe

Optional: Opt for all the elements and advantages of the LUXE KIT (included if you take filtration from us)

kit LUXE collection piscine polyester

The LUXE KIT facilitates use with complete pre-installation of the hydraulic system directly from the factory, as well as the supply of an LED projector in different colors, remotely controllable. Usually carried out at the installation site, this preparation factory prerequisite ensures increased protection thanks to fiberglass reinforcement and resin.

kit LUXE les avantages

Reinforced security

The hydraulic pre-installation allows the integration into each hull, a real envelope made of protective layers of fiberglass and resin, similar to reinforcements, thus providing increased defense against external damage and related problems to the surrounding gravel.

Simplified installation

Integrating hydraulics upstream into the plant significantly speeds up the process installation on site, generating significant savings.

Easy connection:

Connecting the hydraulic system of the swimming pool to the filtration device becomes a process intuitive. The pipes, already prepared, only require a simple connection from the point chosen for filtration up to the technical room.

An additional advantage with the LUXURY KIT

The replacement of the standard LED projector with a multi-color model with remote control brings an additional dimension of comfort and atmosphere to your swimming pool

The color of our shell swimming pools: (without added value)

A palette of varied colors Our range includes four color options, ranging from modern shades such as white and light gray, with more traditional shades like beige and blue, in order to adapt to all tastes and preferences

coloris coque

Polyester swimming pool filtration: 6 formulas

With our shell swimming pools, there are 6 filtration solutions, traditional, technical room, pallet box and technical room imitation rock and 2 ecological filtrations.

kit filtration tradi coffre PVC hors sol

filtration palette BOX local imitation rocher

local enterree plat - Copie

Implementation of a swimming pool shell.

Soil quality: The shell swimming pool must be installed in a stable, coherent, homogeneous soil, free of water and of sufficient bearing capacity. If there is any uncertainty aboutthe homogeneity of the soil, it is advisable to carry out a survey (trenching, drilling, etc.) at the location of your future swimming pool. The qualities of the stability and coherence of the soil determine the extent of the backfilling to be carried out. Particular attention must be paid to the quality of the subsoil as well as the drainage of water from the swimming pool, beaches and stairs.

Before the opening of the site, it is essential to precisely define the limits of the installation of the polyester swimming pool on the site. Ensure that no electrical, telephone, irrigation or drainage network crosses this location.

Location of the hull on sloping ground.

When the surface of the ground is not horizontal, the conditions to ensure the stability of the basin can be complex.

terrain pente coque

The stability of the slope must be such that the wall does not undergo any thrust. In order to ensure the stability of the hull, the lower embankment must be sufficiently solid.

terrain pente coque polyester

The characteristics of the wall will depend on the importance of the slope and the size of the swimming pool.

Polyester shell tracing

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Soil quality: The shell swimming pool must be installed in stable, coherent, homogeneous soil, free of water and of sufficient bearing capacity. If there is any uncertainty aboutthe homogeneity of the soil, it is advisable to carry out a survey (trenching, drilling, etc.) at the location of your future swimming pool. The qualities of the stability and coherence of the soil determine the extent of the backfilling to be carried out. Particular attention must be paid to the quality of the subsoil as well as the drainage of water from the swimming pool, beaches and stairs.

Before the opening of the site, it is essential to precisely define the limits of the installation of the polyester swimming pool on the site. Ensure that no electrical, telephone, irrigation or drainage network crosses this location.

trace pisicne en polyester coque

Hull earthworks.

Check that the chosen location is at the away from any pipes, cisterns, manholes, etc. Demarcate the excavation using a spray paint or a bag of plaster. The excavation must respect precise dimensions, in length and width, so as not to leave too much space to fill in around the walls. The manufacturerrecommends approximately 20 cm on each side of the exterior dimensions of the hull. Start using a mini excavator (available for rental). Dig about 15 cm deeper than the overall height of the hull. Start at one end and work your way backwards. Depending on the size and relief of the land, distribute the earth around or dump it into a skip so that it can be evacuated later. Using an optical level or staff, check that you do not exceed the required depth. Once reached and identified, continue by aligning yourself with it. Even if you decide to evacuate the earth, we advise you to distribute it next to the excavation in order to cover a slight slope of the ground according to the configurations on site. regularly check the level at this location, after having tamped it. While digging at the bottom of the excavation, you may come across rocks. As it is not necessarily possible to extract them with the shovel, instead “break” what protrudes with a chipping hammer.


It is strongly recommended to set up a well decompression at this time if you do not know the nature of your soil. It is made from a 200 diameter PVC tube along the vertical wall of your earthworks. It is sunk into the bottom of your excavation, it must slightly exceed the level of the ground around the pool. Cut it along the entire length. It is then closed by a non-cemented slab that you can easily open if necessary.

terrassement-piscine-coque-polyester terrassement_piscine_polyester

Preparing for the excavation of a polyester hull.

After having roughly flattened the bottom of the excavation, deploy the geotextile felt on the surface. Then pour 6/14 or 6/16 gauge crushed gravel to create a perfectly level base with a thickness of 5 to 15 cm. Adjust the heights using a surveyor's level (theodolyte) by referring to the finished level determined when installing the polyester shell swimming pool. Arrange the profiles straight along the length of the excavation. They serve as benchmarks to verify that the final depth is correct. Using a third mason's rule, relying on the two previous rules, level the gravel over the entire length of the excavation. Once finished, carefully remove the metal rulers used to make it.

preparation-coque-piscine-1 pose-gravier-fond-fouille-pisicne-en-coque

Delivery of the shell swimming pool

Delivery of the swimming pool will be carried out by the polyester shell factory. Before delivery of the polyester shell, the customer must ensure that the road truck will be able to access the address indicated on the online order form or that there is no prohibition or impossibility to circulate. The maximum size of a loaded semi-trailer must not exceed: L = 18 m W = 2.55 m H 4.50 m max. If you have any particularities of weight, prohibited, difficult or delicate access, electrical and telephone lines, you must report this before the sale. Unless otherwise indicated, the truck will have a crane for unloading and positioning the hull at the bottom of the hole.

Your unloading location must be accessible to a width of 3 m and 7 m in height. It must be cleared before and after installing the hull. The package includes delivery in approximately 2 to 3 hours, beyond which costs will be invoiced to customers. The trucks used by the manufacturer to deliver are equipped on the tractor with a crane at the rear of the cabin with a boom of 16 m. This allows the hull to be placed approximately 8 to 10 m from the center distance of the crane to the center distance of the swimming pool. If your residence requires handling means other than that indicated, the customer will take all measures in good time to make the equipment available so as not to delay the process.

transport-piscine-coque-polyester-GRAF livraison-piscine-polyester-GRAF-5

- Unloading the trailer and flattening the polyester pool as close as possible to the excavation.

- Gluing the bottom drain. Slinging by the four horizontal lifting points using a spreader bar to avoid excessive stress on the walls.

- Decent polyester hull in the dig. Check at each end that an equivalent gap is maintained between the wall and the ground.

To confirm the horizontality of the hull, measure four angles of the polyester pool using a surveyor's telescope or a laser level. If you notice a significant false level (more than 2 cm), it is advisable to carefully remove the shell in order to restore the gravel base. On the other hand, if you notice a false level of less than 2 cm. Lay the hull down permanently, it is possible to work directly on the basin to correct the levels.

To raise an angle: Little by little lift the corner of the hull with a bar and drag shovels of gravel underneath to adjust the level.

To descend an angle: Climb onto the corner of your hull, having protected it with a blanket, then jump on it in order to compact the gravel (think) and wedge before the 3 other angles to prevent them from moving.

Once the pool is level, start backfilling the walls.

livraison-piscine-polyester-GRAF-4 livraison-piscine-polyester-GRAF-3

Backfilling the walls

Measure the level one last time before moving on to this step . Start pouring the gravel (the same as the bottom of the excavation) using a wheelbarrow into the 4 corners of the basin at approximately 1/3 of the basin. Then fill the spaces using a wooden handle to pack the gravel firmly against the wall. Check our levels, do the same on the periphery of the wall. Then start backfilling around the hull and stop the backfill at around 30 cm thick then start filling the basin until reaching a water height equivalent to the backfill. Then alternate backfilling and filling until you reach the top of the walls in order to balance the pressures.

Make the hydraulic connections (following the filtration formula you have purchased). Refer to the instructions on filtration. Remember to systematically protect electrical cables in corrugated TPC sheaths. Then gather the bare sheaths and cables in a 40 or 50 mm diameter sheath.

remblaiement-des-4-angles-piscine-en-coque remblaiement-coque-en-coque-polyester

Creation of the concrete belt.

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Arrange a chain (10 cm wide) along the walls of the polyester shell, for the corners cut the necessary lengths, bend them by hand and tie them to the straight irons. Then make a formwork with wooden planks or other then pour 20 cm of concrete dosed at 350 kg level with the lip of your swimming pool shell. Let your concrete dry 10 days before installing the copings.


ceinture beton coque piscine

Installing the copings. Presentation of dry coping on the concrete belt.

class="MsoNormal" style="text-align: center; font-size: medium; font-weight: 400;">Etalez la colle a la truelle et à la taloche crantée sur la ceinture béton. Présentez une margelle et alignez son bord intérieur avec celui de la coque. Frappez ensuite sur toute la surface de la margelle avec un maillet caoutchouc. Pour les margelles des arrondis, elles doivent être retaillées au fur et à mesure, un peu de bians vers l'intérieur.  La prise de la colle laisse le temps de contrôler l'alignement des margelles. Disposez une règle le long de leur bord extérieur. Utilisez le maillet pour réajuster. Une fois les margelles posées vous pouvez réaliser les joint de celle-ci. Préparez le mortier a joints, remplissez les intervalles entre margelles à la truelle. Nettoyez ensuite les joints excédentaire  à l'aide d'une éponge humide. 

pose-des-margelle-coque-polyester plage-beton-autout-piscine-en-coque

Good advice from Distripool.

- It is forbidden to drain a shell swimming poolpolyester. If you are obliged to empty ittotally or partially, it is imperative to checkbefore there is no water in thedécompression et d’étayer la piscine tous les deux meters halfway across the pool.

- Swimming pools cannot be emptied at a temperature above 28°C. They can otherwise be distorted by the sun.

- As soon as the delivery man has placed the swimming pool at the bottom, we advise you to start the backfilling and filling of the shell swimming pool without delay.

Maintenance of the bottom and walls must be carried outwith a broom or robot equipped with a foam brush.Do not use other brushes to avoidscratches.

-In order to avoid problems or damage to the
hull, do not carry out work near theswimming pool such as the radial or others which canspread small metal particles inwater, which can cause oxide spotson the hull.

For cleaning the edges of the pool, do notuse a brush, a soft sponge will do the trickand avoid damage stripes.

pisicne-haricot-en-polyester pisicne-en-coque-avec-escalier-roman

dtu coque polyester