Rectangular swimming pool: Simple and effective

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Among all types of swimming pools, the rectangular swimming pool, although classic, is still just as popular! It remains very popular despite the resurgence of the round shape. In-ground pools, in particular, are often rectangular, but other pools can also adopt this shape. Discover in this section our different models of in-ground, semi-buried or above-ground rectangular swimming pools.

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Piscine en Kit polystyrène LUXE Rectangulaire

LUXE Rectangular Polystyrene Kit Pool

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8 reviews
from: 4 509.00
Piscine composite rectangulaire

Rectangular composite pool

from: 6,990,00
Piscine en coque TROIE 6 : 5.95 x 3.20 m

TROIE 6 shell swimming pool: 5.95 x 3.20 m

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1 review
from: 7,929.00
Piscine coque La plagne

Hull swimming pool La plagne

from: 7,049.00
Piscine en kit INFINIT'EAU

INFINIT'EAU kit pool

from: 7,642,00

It is important to know how to choose your swimming pool carefully to make the most of it. Here are some tips for buying a rectangular swimming pool and making the best choice.

A rectangular swimming pool: a sure value!

The rectangular swimming pool corresponds to the classic image of the swimming pool, whether it is an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool.

Whether your property is old or modern, a rectangular swimming pool will always go very well with your home and garden. Whatever type of garden you have, the rectangle formed by the swimming pool can easily adapt to the location.

This shape of swimming pool has come back into fashion and it will continue to be trendy for years to come. You can therefore install your rectangular swimming pool with complete confidence. She will be there for a long time.

Indeed, the simplicity of the lines of the rectangular swimming pool resists the passage of time. This form can adapt to all eras. The simplicity makes the rectangular pool very versatile. Even if you are renovating your garden and property, the rectangular swimming pool will still be suitable.

If you do not wish to build a swimming pool, you can choosethe rectangular above-ground swimming pool because the rectangular shape very suitable for a wooden swimming pool. A swimming pool of this type can be buried or semi-buried. There are also rectangular tubular pool models.

What are its advantages?

You must clearly identify the advantages of the rectangular pool when you make your choice. If it isa rectangular in-ground swimming pool, you must take into account that this shape will allow for more depth in certain places. This configuration allows you to enter deeper and deeper water as you move further into the pool. The rectangular shape makes this progressive depth more accessible.

dans de l’eau de plus en plus profonde à mesure que vous avancez dans la piscine. La forme rectangulaire rend cette profondeur progressive plus accessible.

Also choose a rectangular pool whose size helps you do laps and keep yourself in better shape. With the rectangular swimming pool, you also benefit from your swimming lane, even if the lane is narrow, it is made only for swimming and will actively participate in allowing you to swim in complete peace.

A rectangular swimming pool is preferred if you want a spacious swimming pool, with a nice swimming surface.

You can also choose this shape if your land is narrow and you are building a small pool.

You must also take into account the height of the pool when choosing your rectangular pool. You should be able to get your footing without difficulty, especially since most of the time it is the family swimming pool par excellence.

Also take into account the number of users to determine the size of the pool. The space you have available must also be taken into account, just as it may be interesting to see if there are accessories offered with the rectangular pool.

Types of rectangular pools

There are several types of rectangular swimming pools and you must make your choice based on the characteristics of your garden and your property.

Among the most popular rectangular swimming pools are:

· The rectangular above-ground swimming pool. Choose this type of rectangular pool if you do not want to install a pool permanently. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a plastic swimming pool or even a wooden swimming pool.

· If you are looking for a more original type of swimming pool despite the rectangular shape, do not hesitate to have one installed. semi-buried rectangular swimming pool. Make sure your environment suits this style. This pool can be made of wood or concrete.

· Of course, the best-known rectangular pool is the in-ground pool. It represents the traditional image of the family swimming pool and is still the most popular choice. This is often a shell pool or a pool kit.

The dimensions of the rectangular pool


It will be much easier to install a rectangular swimming pool of standard size. Initially, it will cost you less if the conventional dimensions are respected. Shell pools, for example, are mass-produced and are less expensive. A swimming pool of standard size

is also simpler to install and installation is therefore shorter. Swimming pool accessories adapt to these dimensions.

If you prefer to have a custom-made swimming pool installed, you will of course have to pay more. It is therefore better to stick to the standard dimension. Choose your rectangular pool so that installation is as simple as possible and keep in mind that a semi-buried pool is generally more complicated to install than an above-ground pool.