Shelter and dome for above ground swimming pool: Bestway and Intex

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The above ground swimming pool dome and the shade sail allow you to enjoy your pool for longer , with greater comfort and enhanced security. As this equipment is removable and simple to install, you are free to use it only temporarily or throughout the year, depending on your region and the exposure of your swimming pool. Furthermore, the Intex or Bestway above-ground swimming pool dome has the advantage of offering different shapes and sizes, which allows them to adapt to almost all pools, whatever the brand. Here is all the information regarding the Intex above ground pool shelter.

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Why choose an above-ground swimming pool dome?

For his comfort

The above-ground pool dome can be left open or ajar when swimming, but you can also close it completely, without feeling a suffocation effect, even for people sensitive to claustrophobia. In fact, it is high enough, in addition to being transparent, not to oppress you. You also benefit from your exteriors, thanks to a 360° panoramic vision.

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To keep your pool safe from wind-blown debris

When you are not using your pool, simply close your above-ground pool cover so that your pool is not exposed to all the debris carried by the wind. This way you avoid dead leaves, moss and various dust.

The Intex above ground pool dome is also the way to protect you from insects that come to drink in your pool and sometimes even settle there.

By keeping your pool cleaner, you save cleaning time, as well as maintenance products.

To naturally heat the water in your swimming pool

When your above-ground swimming pool shelter is closed, its effect is comparable to that of a magnifying glass exposed to the sun and you thus create a greenhouse effect. Furthermore, by keeping it closed overnight, you better retain the heat under the bubble, especially since the water is not exposed to the wind.

To reinforce safety by creating an additional barrier for children

By closing your above-ground swimming pool enclosure (Intex or Bestway), you reinforce the safety of your pool, because it constitutes an additional barrier for young children. (note: product does not comply with the NF standard)

To protect you from rain and wind

Thanks to the above-ground pool dome, you can enjoy your pool for longer. As we mentioned above, it naturally heats the water, which allows you to spread the swimming season over a longer period. But you also benefit from it when it rains or the wind picks up. Indeed, even if you are not afraid of getting wet in your swimming pool (!), pouring rain quickly becomes unpleasant. The dome is all the more valuable if you like to rest on an air mattress to drink a cocktail with friends and chat, or read a book.

As for the wind, you must take the precaution of judiciously orienting your dome to avoid being caught in the wind. However, if it becomes too strong, you close the bubble and enjoy your pool peacefully.

For its simplicity of assembly and use

The dome attaches very simply in a few minutes to the pool frame, using the straps provided. It features a unique accordion hinge mechanism that allows it to be opened and closed quickly and effortlessly.

When you swim, you can open it completely or partially, depending on the weather. This also makes getting in and out of the pool easier. If the weather is less forgiving, you close the bubble and that's it: you have the equivalent of an indoor swimming pool.

For its adaptability to almost all ponds

The above-ground swimming pool enclosure is suitable for round or rectangular swimming pools, whatever the brand. Refer to the technical sheet of each product to find out which one corresponds to the dimensions of your pool and check that the compatibility conditions are respected.

For its robustness and durability

All materials of the Intex above ground swimming pool dome are intended for outdoor use, whatever the climatic conditions. Its frame is made of steel and fiberglass, with a galvanized and powder-coated finish. The waterproof tarpaulin is made of 0.16 mm PVC tested for optimal resistance.

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Why choose a shade sail for an above-ground swimming pool?

Although it is often pleasant to bathe in the sun, it can nevertheless be hot. The solution is found with the shade sail that you add in a few minutes to enjoy your pool for hours.

To preserve your health and that of your children

The devastating effects of the sun on the skin are known. While it is essential for our health to take advantage of its rays, particularly for the production of vitamin D, any abuse is harmful and exposes you to the formation of tumors.

Thanks to the shade sail, you save your sun capital by protecting yourself from UV rays. You also allow your children to enjoy the pool as long as they want, at any time of the day.

For maximum comfort

Sheltering your pool from exposure to the sun allows the water to maintain a reasonable temperature during the summer period. Bathing in water that is too hot is not pleasant, especially since you no longer benefit from its delicious refreshing effect.

The shade sail helps remedy this problem. It also protects you from sunburn which cruelly damages your sun capital, in addition to being painful and unsightly.

For better hygiene

If you or your children bathe in direct sunlight, using sunscreen becomes essential. However, these products contaminate your water, in particular by bringing oily particles. As soon as you are sheltered by your shade sail, you can avoid cream spreading sessions which must be repeated several times during the day.

On the other hand, the shade sail also protects your pond from plant debris which falls into the pond and dirty the water.

For its compatibility with the Intex above ground pool dome

It is entirely possible to combine the Intex above-ground swimming pool dome with the shade sail. This judicious assembly offers you optimal conditions of temperature and exposure to the sun.

For its ease of use and its ability to adapt to any time of the day

The shade sail works like a fan and can thus be deployed to partially or completely cover the pool. In addition, the straps supplied with the veil are adjustable, which allows you to adapt the shade according to the exposure to the sun which continues to change throughout the day. You therefore always remain sheltered.

For its adaptability to all basins

The shade sail exists in different formats, in order to adapt to all types of swimming pools, round or rectangular, as well as to all dimensions. Check on the technical sheet that the technical characteristics of your pool are compatible.

For the quality and robustness of the canvas

The shade sail frame is made of steel and fiberglass, with a galvanized and powder-coated finish. The canvas is both light and robust, with the guarantee of a top quality finish. It is made of polyester with a protective polyurethane layer, making it wear-resistant, durable and water-repellent. Therefore, water does not pass through it and you can use your shade sail to protect yourself from the rain.

The accordion hinge is robust and can withstand as much handling as you want.

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